Naomi Hotel Bar reopens with new owner

News photo by Emily Thiel Left to right: Andi Lydon, Gibraltar, and business owner Paula Sholl-Nebroskie, Exeter Township, at the Naomi Hotel Bar while they prep for the grand opening.
News photo by Emily Thiel One of the paintings that will be restored at the Naomi Hotel Bar.

Birdsboro residents will be glad to see “the local watering hole” is back in business.

On Valentine’s Day, the “new” Naomi Hotel Bar hosted their official grand opening under new ownership.

The Naomi Hotel Bar, located at 1405 Old River Road, Birdsboro, was a thriving bar for years. The location closed is June 2012 but is now back, thanks to one of the previous patrons.

“I used to come down here when I was little,” business owner Paula Sholl-Nebroskie, Exeter Township, said. “I’m glad to keep it going, it’s very surreal.”


Sholl-Nebroskie knew the original owners as friends of the family; her father also worked at the bar as a bartender.

After the closing, she had “the opportunity to meet the owner” and was “asked to run it [on] the business end.”

Sholl-Nebroskie is essentially keeping the business in the family, and the community of Birdsboro.

“It’s an old time bar,” she said. “I plan to keep it them same.” Along with her personal connection to the bar, Sholl-Nebroskie has a strong interest in the historical aspect of the location, and strives to keep the bar as vintage as possible. The house is assumed to have been built around the late 1800s, early 1900s. She plans to invite in members of the Historical Society of Berks County for an evaluation.

Settlers passing through the area would stay upstairs when the boats would come through town on their way to Philadelphia. The second floor hotel rooms are still set up and in tact. Paintings line the walls in the bar, and are original pieces painted “by a drunk” for payment. The paintings will be restored to keep with the historic theme.

Sholl-Nebroskie and her staff have been working to upgrade the bar since November. With a fresh coat of paint, new electric, a thorough cleaning, new bar sink and renovated bathroom, the “new” Naomi Hotel Bar is ready to go. “We’re trying to keep it the same. These are the same tables and chairs,” she said, glad to have the original feel.

Keeping the staples like free shuffleboard and the “grab your own beer” tradition are important to the business owner.

“That’s a tradition that can’t be changed,” Andi Lydon, Gibraltar, said.

The Naomi Hotel also has in their possession the “oldest and coldest” beer cooler in Berks County.

Before the closing Naomi Hotel solely served alcohol, but with the new management, fryer and flat grill, food will now also be served. The bar also now serves fountain soda instead of cans. “We have the same prices as before.” Sholl-Nebroskie said.

She ensures that customers will hear the “old stories” and “history about everything” from the other bar patrons when they stop by.

“This is the local bar everyone goes to gallivant,” Sholl-Nebroskie said.

Once the full kitchen is offered, the “New” Naomi Hotel Bar will be hiring staff. Sholl-Nebroskie invites those interested to “stop by and fill out an application, we welcome all personalities.”

The bar plans to have events for Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day, offer an Easter egg hunt for the children, host poker runs and is available for rental for parties.

And the bar does have a slogan: “When you’re here -- you’re family.”

Stop by the “new” Naomi Hotel Bar, grab yourself a beer, and say hello.

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