Bingo in Birdsboro

News photo by Melissa Reid Bingo hosted by the Woman's Club of Birdsboro at the Birdsboro Community Center on Feb. 23.
News photo by Melissa Reid Bingo hosted by the Woman's Club of Birdsboro at the Birdsboro Community Center on Feb. 23.

On a spring-like Sunday afternoon in late February, the Birdsboro Community Memorial Center was packed with nearly a hundred women, (and a few men), of all ages, ready for an afternoon of bingo and socialization after weeks of snow and clouds.

The Womans Club of Birdsboro hosted their 16th Annual Basket Bingo fundraiser on Feb. 23. The parking lot across the street overflowed with cars as people sloshed across the pavement wet with melted snow.

Once inside, the smell of barbecue permeated the air. Many people arrived early just so they could get the homemade meals, soups, and baked goodies provided by the Womans Club.


A giant table covered with prize baskets occupied one corner of the room. Excited bingo-players snuck glances or walked around the table to see what was up for grabs for winners. The prizes, mostly sets from such brands as Pampered Chef and Longabergers, were all sponsored by friends of the community, including both businesses and individuals.

As the games began, a hush fell over the community center. The only sounds were the spinning bingo balls, the announced numbers, and the gentle pound of bingo markers. Excited cries of Bingo! followed by a collective groan from non-winners interrupted the concentrated quiet.

The proceeds from Sundays event will be distributed within the community. Much of the money will be donated towards the Womans Clubs usual causes: scholarships for Daniel Boone High School graduates, funding for the Boone Area Library, the Birdsboro-Union Fire Company, the Birdsboro Community Memorial Center, Birdsboro Police, EMS, and ambulance, as well as the local food bank.

The Lincoln playground area on Orange Street is one of the areas set for revitalization. The Womans Club will be sponsoring and volunteering to refurbish the playground to give children a safer, better place to play.

The Womans Club of Birdsboro has been involved in the community since the 1930s and have been involved in countless projects to improve and beautify Birdsboro, Douglassville, and Amity over the past seven and a half decades.

Basket Bingo is one of the groups most anticipated yearly events, alongside the car show, their involvement in street fairs and the Christmas in Birdsboro spectacular. The Womans Club meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at St. Pauls UCC Church on Washington Street in Birdsboro and are always looking for new members.

Not everyone was able to walk out of Basket Bingo with a prize, but when the focus is on the community, everyone walks away a winner.