Area teens invited to make new friends through competition in ‘The Rock'

In addition to bragging rights, the monthly winners of contests at 'The Rock' are awarded champion t-shirts. Image provided by Sarah Drumheller.
In addition to bragging rights, the monthly winners of contests at 'The Rock' are awarded champion t-shirts. Image provided by Sarah Drumheller.

The days are growing longer, students are cracking open the books, and the free and loose days of summer have passed us by for another year. So, where can a teen go for fun and games?

Morgantown Community Church Youth Pastor DJ Grick and a few of his friends have a solution.

“We are pleased to tell Morgantown-area teens from 7th through 12th grades that, yes, ‘The Rock’ will be back again this year,” said Grick.

Grick, a young and fun-loving leader with a real conviction to serve the Lord and the youth of the community, has teamed up with Hopewell Christian Fellowship Church’s Student Pastor Derek Ryder and Volunteer Youth Leader Sarah Drumheller to offer the 2012 installation of ‘The Rock’, a monthly teen event made up of various activities that allow area kids to challenge themselves, compete against others, and make new friends.


“We are still in the planning stages of (the final schedule for) ‘The Rock’,” Grick said. “After (the program was) revived last year by Sarah Drumheller our churches have come together (again for 2012) and the program this year will be held at Morgantown Community Church, as it was last year.”

Through ‘The Rock’ students from Twin Valley, Daniel Boone, Garden Spot, local private schools, and homeschoolers get to build relationships in a safe and positive environment. Contests include activities such as basketball, flag football, soccer; and craft projects include things such as a duct tape clothing fashion show, cake decorating, and tie-dyeing. All students are welcome and encouraged to come to meet others from their community.

Drumheller, a dedicated 25 year-old who has been a member of Hopewell Christian Fellowship Church for about 15 years, said that she attended ‘The Rock’ in her youth as a student. ‘The Rock’ was originally started by former Hopewell Christian Fellowship youth leaders Nevin and Cheri Horst, but the program had faded out over time. Drumheller appreciated the program so much that she took the initiative to bring it back.

“Now we are getting other churches and the whole community involved. We averaged 30 participants last year and this year we are shooting for maybe 50,” she said. “We also have arts and crafts every time, as well as seasonal projects. Here great friendships are formed. There is something for everyone!”

Together, the two non-denominational Elverson churches are reaching out to other area churches and welcoming boys and girls to take part of the unique experience offered by ‘The Rock’

Participants are welcome to join as groups, be paired with existing groups, or just casually visit to see what the program is about.

“There is also space to hang out, or play air hockey and video games, and yes we have a pool table for people who don’t want to compete,” Grick said.

‘The Rock’ will be held at Morgantown Community Church from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on every second Saturday of the month throughout the school year. Admission is $3 and snacks will be available for purchase (all proceeds from admission and sales of snacks are reinvested into the event). Each month, the competition winners receive a t-shirt with ‘The Rock’ logo on the front and the word ‘Champion’ written on the back. Further, the champions’ entrance fees are waived for the following month.

The tentative schedule for ‘The Rock’ 2012 is as follows:

Oct 13: Flag Football Competition, Pumpkin Carving Competition

Nov 10: Minute to Win It Competition

Dec 8: Video Game Competition

Jan 12: Floor Hockey Competition

Feb 9: Basketball Competition

No preregistration is required for participation. For more information contact Derek Ryder, Youth Pastor of Hopewell Christian Fellowship, at 610-286-6308. Visit ‘The Rock’ on Facebook at