New Hanover church launches Happy 2 be Home

New Hanover Methodist Church hosts car show to benefit Happy 2 Be Home project.
New Hanover Methodist Church hosts car show to benefit Happy 2 Be Home project.

What originally began as a church effort to help two children come home has turned into an ongoing community outreach on the verge of becoming a non-profit organization—Happy 2 be Home.

Inspired by two handicapped children, Charlotte and Nathan, friends and family formed Happy 2 be Home.

The mission: to enable families to provide suitable environment for disabilabled children.

The target: severely disabled children. Four homes have been renovated since the start of this effort a year ago.


Donations are received by New Hanover United Methodist Church on behalf of H2BH. On Sept. 8, the church hosted a car show to raise funds and awareness. On Oct. 20, a benefit concert will be held.

According to Senior Pastor Dave Lewis, this effort provides a suitable place for children to come home to—from nursing care to home renovations such as showers installed. “We provide whatever is needed in order for child to live at home; the hospital can only do so much,” said Lewis.

“When I heard Nathan and Charlotte’s stories, it made me wonder about the need in the greater community,” said Scott Hamrick, Happy 2 be Home committee member. “Since then, we’ve received lots of requests, many of which are beyond the initial outlined area.”

Children are approved through an application process which is based on circumstances, recommendations, and funding.

“The confluences of events that have enabled us to do this have been incredible,” said Hamrick.

According to Hamrick, there are many organizations in existence that are making an effort in smaller capacities—but not full renovations.

This effort functions through a pool of resources and dedicated individuals.