Lindsey Riegner hired as Boyertown Library's new director

When one walks through the doors of the Boyertown Library, stories of adventure, mystery, drama, love and history spring from the pages of the books they are nestled inside to offer readers an escape from the everyday. However, the newest story addition to the Boyertown Library cannot be found inside the hard covers of a book.

Over the summer Lindsey Riegner became the proud new director for the Boyertown Library. Homegrown sweetheart and no stranger to working with children Miss Riegner is the perfect fit for the position.

Lindsey recalls her love of reading beginning as a young child and the joy she would feel surrounded by books. In fact Lindsey still carries her very first library card with her wherever she goes. It is this passion for reading that Lindsey hopes to pass on to others and so it should come as no surprise to find Miss Riegner has earned her master’s degree from Kutztown University in Library Sciences.

With media infiltrating the lives of people, especially young people so completely, it has become the mission of Riegner and her staff at the Boyertown Library to find ways to encourage people to return to reading as a fun pastime. This is by no means an easy task and requires some clever and strategic planning.


The library is steadily outgrowing its location on E. Philadelphia but this has done little to stop Rienger and her staff from filling the space with the most current reading materials, books that will hopefully appeal to young readers while still offering something for everyone.

Having a great selection of current titles is just the start however. Introducing reading programs aimed at teens is another measure the team hopes will bring the kids in. Pizza and Pages is one of the bright new ideas being implemented at the library. Teens aged thirteen to seventeen are welcomed to come and discuss selected titles while enjoying free pizza. This month’s book selection is the hugely popular Hunger Games. The group will meet on December 10 around five o’clock.

Continuing programs, Lap Sit and Toddle Time have grown so popular new times have been added to the roster to make room for the many families looking to share their love of reading with their little ones.

For the grown-ups the library’s adult book club not only offers suggested reading but also the chance to discuss themes and topics presented in the books. Bill O’Reilly’s, Killing Lincoln is the current title up for discussion and is said to move some readers to tears. The club will meet Monday, January 7th and ten o’clock.

Understanding the hustle and bustle of life can prevent people from reading as avidly as they would like, Lindsey reminds readers the morning commute can be the perfect time to catch up on the books they have been missing out on. With the library’s audio book selection constantly growing and current titles being added daily, one can be sure a trip to the Boyertown Library is worth the drive.

Along with providing the community with out-reach programs and reading materials, the library still offers passport services, free internet access and Wi-Fi along with informative seminars. Sue Kochu will host a financial seminar, Colonial Penn will be out to discuss Medicare services and Joanie White will host “Eating Real” in the upcoming weeks and months.

Dates, times and information for all library functions, book clubs and community involvement programs can be found at the Libraries website

December 8th, the library will hold its annual book sale during the “Chillin on Main” holiday bazaar. Book sales help to make room on the shelves and profits assist the library in the purchasing of new titles. Lindsey asks, “Read a book, buy a book, or listen to a book but don’t forget to stop by the Boyertown Library.