Worthington helps to lead Daniel Boone boy's basketball team

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Kenny Worthington is one of seven juniors on the this year's Daniel Boone High School boys' basketball team.
File photo Kenny Worthington is one of seven juniors on the this year's Daniel Boone High School boys' basketball team.

With the 2012 basketball season well underway, the Daniel Boone Blazers are slowly getting to where they want to be. At 1-1 in a tough Section 1 of the Berks League, and 4-5 overall, the team has a significant way to go, but they appear headed in the right direction with players such as senior Julian Gerhart and a myriad of juniors including Kenny Worthington.

With the team on the verge of a .500 record, Worthington said, “We’re doing what we can so far this season. We’ve had a couple of tough losses coming in and a tough Christmas break, but we’re trying to win a few more games and gel together. We have a strong bunch and we’re trying to get things rolling again. We’re on a little bit of a losing streak right now, and we’re trying to pile up the victories.”

Worthington went on to say that the squad is trying to play for a spot in districts, and then the playoffs. To do that the junior said the team must come together as a unit, play a little stronger, and get everyone reading off of the same page.

For himself, Worthington noted, “I want to play the best basketball I can this season. That’s the only thing any of us can hope to do. I’m working hard every day, my teammates are pushing me to give 110%, and I’m pushing them as well. As a whole, we can all do this together.”


Worthington leads the Blazers in scoring with almost 15 points per contest.

“It’s not really about points for me,” said Worthington. “The points come but they’re not really the most important thing. I just want to go out there and help my team win games. My teammates have helped me tremendously. Stephon Williams has given me some good passes, Dan (Downs) has provided me with great screens, and we’re all trying to do this together. It’s not all about one person. It’s not about me, it’s about us.”

In his approach going into a game, Worthington said he only thinks about playing as hard as he possibly can. He said, “I think the whole team does that, and it’s best for what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Worthington also said with being one of eight juniors on the squad, he feels like a big part of the team. Each player has a role and he just tries to do his part. Worthington just goes out there and tries to make plays. He also noted that he gives a tremendous effort when playing defense, stopping his man whenever necessary.

“I try to keep everyone together as well. When I fall, my teammates are right there for me. The entire starting five, in my mind, are leaders on this team.”

The junior said he’s more of a physical leader on the floor, getting to the basket when he has a chance to, and trying to make his play better all around.

Worthington is not afraid to speak his mind if something needs to be said.

“If I need to say something to a teammate, put something in his ear to motivate him, I will,” said Worthington. “When there is a time to speak up, you have to do it, and I’m one of the guys that can.”

With only one senior on the team in the likes of Julian Gerhart, Worthington said the dichotomy is both good and bad. He noted, “We don’t have all the leadership on the team because we’re (the juniors) not all that experienced. Julian does a great job in relaying the knowledge he has, and he’s a great player in his own right. This is a learning experience for us and we’re all trying to figure it out. As time goes on though, things will only get better because we are a little young right now, and we really just need to grow as a team.”

Worthington said the group is getting better and better every day, and said that the team will go as far as they can with what they have right now, and it bodes well for the future.

The experience playing with seven other juniors must be something special, and Worthington said, “It’s been great. We’ve been playing together all our lives, so we know each other. Then again, we’re a little inexperienced (in high school varsity play), but we’ll get better in time. The more we play together, the better team we’ll be. Who knows how good we’ll be in the future.”

Worthington said that he’s very anxious to make some noise with this hungry group next season. They’re looking to have a lot of veteran talent, and in the junior’s words, “It’s going to be great.”

Ultimately, Worthington noted, “To be successful this season, we have to play as a single entity. We need to be focused on the defensive end of the court. If we can stop the opponent, there’s no way they can beat us. It’s just that simple.”