Armed invasion at Kutztown University dorm

Armed, masked assailants invaded a Kutztown University dormitory room early this morning.

The KU Campus Police are looking into an armed robbery that took place in Deatrick Hall at 1:45 a.m. on March 8.

The two male victims, who are KU students, were in their room when they heard a knock on the door. Upon opening the door, three African American males forced their way into the room, according to a Campus Police report.

The intruders searched the room and left without taking any property.


“It’s unclear what they were looking for, but they didn’t take anything,” said David Johnson, assistant director, University Relations.

Two of the intruders were alleged to be in possession of black handguns. One of the victims was struck during this incident, according to a KU Campus Police report.

“There were no injuries. The student that was struck was not injured,” said Johnson.

Johnson said police do not know how the assailants entered the locked dormitory. He explained that to enter the building after hours, the person must swipe a card key to enter the main door and pass a desk where people are stationed.

“They did not see them come in or out,” said Johnson.

The secondary doors are locked and if they are opened, an alarm will sound, he said.

“Unfortunately, there are no cameras, we’re working with witness reports,” he said.

The three intruders were dressed in black from head to toe, to include jackets, pants, footwear, gloves, skull caps and an article of clothing that covered their face from their nose down, according to the police report.

“We don’t know yet if (the intruders) were students,” said Johnson.

KU Campus Police are investigating.

“At this point, the building is secured. KU Police are patrolling the area,” said Johnson.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Campus Police at 610-683-4002.

Crime Alert Berks County is offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest.

KU has a student enrollment of about 10,000 students.

When asked about tips for student safety, Johnson recommended students keep their eyes open, know their surroundings, travel in pairs in the evening hours and if they ever feel uncomfortable, call Campus Police at 610-683-4002. Also, Call for an on-campus walking escort when you are without one, by dialing 34002 from any on campus phone or 610-683-4002 from your cell phone.

Dan Clark, intern, contributed to this story.

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