A haunting tale, Kutztown woman's story featured on TV show ‘My Ghost Story'

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Eric and Amy Mertz with their dog, Sammy, in their Kutztown home that was featured on the TV show 'My Ghost Story.'
Submitted photo Eric and Amy Mertz with their dog, Sammy, in their Kutztown home that was featured on the TV show 'My Ghost Story.'

A Kutztown woman’s story of paranormal torment will be featured on the TV show “My Ghost Story.”

Amy Mertz moved into her husband Eric’s grandparent’s house 18 years ago, and that is when she started noticing some paranormal activity throughout the house.

Her husband had moved into the house a year before his wife and said that he had noticed some unusual activity in the house but didn’t think anything of it.

“I just thought it’s an old house and it’s bound to make some noises now and again,” said Eric.


Dominic Ferrante, founder of S.P.I.R.I.T. PARANORMAL - Supernatural Phenomenon Independent Research and member of the Board of Directors of the National Paranormal Alliance, looked into the Mertz’s home on Crystal Ridge Road in Kutztown. S.P.I.R.I.T. PARANORMAL is a professional non-profit paranormal researchorganization dedicated to the investigation of unexplained phenomena. According to their website, www.spiritparanormal.net, the team gathers, evaluates and documents paranormal activity. They provide investigations and analysis free of charge to individuals who are experiencing paranormal activity or think they have paranormal activity in homes or businesses.

According to Ferrante, there are a number of reasons why there is a high spirit activity in the Mertz home.

The house is 200 years old and in two centuries, 17 people have died in the house. There is also, according to Ferrante, a school of thought that believes limestone is some sort of conductor of paranormal energy.

The violent paranormal activity didn’t begin to bother Amy until eight years ago when she found that there was a particular spirit that was attacking her.

“I would wake up with bruises on my chest and my back, it would attack me in the shower,” Amy said.

Amy quickly realized how bad the situation was getting and she decided to contact S.P.I.R.I.T Paranormal Investigations which is run by Ferrante and his wife, Cindy.

“We always try to see if there is a logical explanation to what could be happening before we decide if something paranormal is going on,” Ferrante said. He said that Amy contacted them to do an investigation to see what they could find and try to help her get rid of it.

“If there is any rational or normal explanation, we try to come out with it,” Ferrante said.

Ferrante said that all of the things that happened to the investigative team during the course of the investigation let them know that it was something that could not be explained logically.

“We did a cleansing and we heard voices that sounded like screaming, the chandelier in the kitchen was moving around for five minutes and it would stop on its own,” Ferrante said.

The group described another experience where a box of diapers had moved a significant distance while they were all in the kitchen.

“I was possessed twice,” Amy said as the group was describing different experiences.

Amy said that when she was younger, she lived with her grandmother who was a medium and felt that her experience with her grandmother opened her up to the other side of life.

“I used to see some things but I never realized that something was attached to me.”

Up until that point, the S.P.I.R.T. team said they have never seen a haunting that was as violent as what was happening to Amy and her husband.

After a number of cleansings, Amy believes that she is no longer accompanied by a dark spirit but they do believe the house is still haunted.

On the night of the interview with The Kutztown Area Patriot, the Mertz family provided a tour of the house and laterconducted a cleansing to attempt to get other spirits out of the house. The cleansing is a process where members of the S.P.I.R.I.T team attempt to remove any spirits that may be lingering in the house. The team participating in the cleansing goes through each room of the house, burning incense in a small cauldron and telling the spirits to get out. According to Ferrante it is about the owners taking their house back and not allowing the ghost to ruin their lives.

“There will always be spirits here, but hopefully the bad ones are gone,” Ferrante said.

The show contacted Cindy Ferrante, S.P.I.R.T. co-founder and case manager, to see if she knew of a haunting that could be featured on the show.

“It took a couple of months of us sending evidence to them so they could approve the story, and they finally did and flew us out to Los Angeles,” Cindy said.

After flying Amy out to Los Angeles, they waited a couple of months before sending a camera man out to the Mertz home to re-enact some scenes of the haunting.

“They had my husband lay on the floor by the bed and shake it while I was on it to imitate the bed shaking,” Amy said.

Amy also said that she had to mow the lawn a couple of times during a hot summer day to re-enact the image of a ghost waving at her from her attic window while she does lawn work.

“That still happens,” Amy said.

The episode of My Ghost Story featuring the Mertz house aired on the Bio True Story channel on March 9.