Municipal Report: Caernarvon Twp., Berks Co.

During the March 12 meeting of the Caernarvon Township (Berks Co.) Board of Supervisors, residents Steve and Diane Drumheller were in attendance to follow up on a letter they sent to the township about seeking a zoning exception needed to build a garage on their property at 131 Joanna Road. They are requesting a visit from Township Zoning Officer Terry Naugle, in the hopes that they can be cleared to build a 26’ x 36’ detached garage in a convenient location on their property. The location they want to build upon would allow for access via their existing driveway, but encroaches upon the required setbacks per the zoning ordinance for their property, which is located in a R2 zone. The garage would allow for the storage of construction equipment and material as well as lawn and garden equipment.

Township Solicitor Brett Huckabee said that he thought it was a good thing that the Drumhillers came out the meeting to present and receive as much information as they could about their concerns.

Board of Supervisors President Charles Byler requested that Township Admin Randy Miller contact the Naugle to get him out for a site visit as soon as possible. Should Naugle not approve the proposed plans, the Drumhellers can appeal to the Zoning Hearing Board.

Board of Supervisors President Charles Byler requested that Township Admin Randy Miller contact the zoning officer to get him out for a site visit as soon as possible.


The American Legion Riders of Post Col. Jacob Morgan, Morgantown, officially notified the township of their plans to hold a motorcycle show On June 1, 2013. It will be an event involving music, food, vendors, and a telethon hosted by a local radio DJ to raise funds for the Valor Clinic – a foundation which provides medical care and shelter to Veterans.

Morgan Corporation has notified the township that it has submitted an application to the DEP Bureau of Air Quality seeking approval for the plan which will replace three of the four paint booths that were destroyed in the August 30, 2012 fire at their plant located at 111 Morgan Way. Morgan Corporation is required to notify the township and the county in writing about the application (per the Commonwealth Administration Code, Section 1905-A) at least 30 days before the DEP may review the application.

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) notified the township of their application to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission seeking for permission to increase the amount of water used in the company’s refinement process. The increase is from a maximum of .133 million gallons per day to a maximum of .178 million gallons per day. The water source comes from a combination of an onsite groundwater well, a public water supply connection, Caernarvon Twp. Authority Well #8, and onsite stormwater collection.

This approval was granted on March 21, 2013, per Andrew D. Dehoff, Project Review Manager with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

An ordinance will be drafted which will allow Township Tax Collector Deana Vivola to shred all of the tax documents from 2003-05.

The Twin Valley Fire Department has nominated a list of individuals for Special Fire Police appointments for 2013-14. A fire department does not grant special fire police the authority to perform their duties. That right is instead granted by the municipality where the work is being done. The board granted the special fire police the permission needed to operate in the township. The list of names is as follows: Alan Chalfin – Captain, William Bailey – Lieutenant, Todd Mast – Officer, Andrew Kirlin – Officer, Fred McMullen – Officer, Darryl Lee Romig – Officer, Henry Wood – Officer, David Kramlich – Officer, and John Aidan Bicer.

Township Engineer William Whitman reported that there are culverts along Elverson Road that are in need of repair. He said that when the weather gets better there will be test pits dug to get the project started. Residents in the immediate area where the repairs are to take place will be notified prior to any work being done.

A drainage complaint is being looked into at the rear of the Village of Briarcrest. Whitman said that the site has been inspected and that his firm is corresponding with the developer regarding inconsistencies with the approved plan and the site construction.

Whitman presented drawings to the board showing proposed construction in New Morgan Borough for 209 homes. He said that he has concerns over three new concentrated storm water discharges shown on the plan which would discharge water onto properties within the township – ultimately discharging onto Shiloh Road and Mine View Drive.

Whitman stated that he will look further at the discharge numbers and send a letter to the Berks County Conservation District if he feels that the township would experience any type of damage from the discharge.

“Will look to cooperate with New Morgan Borough on this,” he said.

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