Minor repairs required for Kutztown Pool

Kutztown Pool is in need of repairs.

The repairs that need to be made at the Kutztown Public Pool are not major ones, but ones that depend on good weather.

“Unfortunately, the repairs we need to make require a few days in a row of good weather,” said Superintendent of the Public Works Department Brian Bailey.

He said that if they only have one nice day during a week and it rains the day after they begin repairs, they would have to re-plaster the parts of the pool that the rain took off.


The Borough plans on plastering the baby pool and replace tiles that have fallen off in the other pool and they plan on replacing those tiles.

Bailey also said that some of the plaster and other products used to fix the pool needs warmer weather and that the plaster may not be effective if it is put on in cold weather.

“We also plan on re-plastering the intermediate pool towards the end of the season,” Bailey said.

The public works department is in the process of finding quotes and considering putting the work out for a bid but hopes that they can repair the pool based on quotes alone.

If work on the pool is delayed by weather, the repairs could delay the opening of the pool, but at this time, there is no report that the opening will be delayed.