HAHS stars Footloose

Jareth Monroe, Aubrey Nelson, Jacob Fowler, Emily Hain in Footloose at Hamburg Area High School auditorium April 26, 27, and 28.
Item photo by Michelle Kauterman
Jareth Monroe, Aubrey Nelson, Jacob Fowler, Emily Hain in Footloose at Hamburg Area High School auditorium April 26, 27, and 28. Item photo by Michelle Kauterman

The Drama Hawks are performing the musical Footloose in the high school auditorium on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 at 7 p.m. There will also be another show on Sunday, April 28, at 2 p.m. Tickets are sold for $7.00 at the door and in advance by calling 610-562-3861 ext. 2599.

As with previous years, there will also be a showing on Thursday, April 25, for the senior citizens of Hamburg, which gives the cast a chance to run through the show in front of a small audience in preparation for the big show.

The lead role, Ren McCormack, is played by Kyle Schumaker, followed by Brandi Mazaika as Ethel McCormack, Jacob Fowler as Reverend Shaw Moore, Emily Hain as Vi Moore, Aubrey Nelson as Ariel Moore, Meredith Browder as LuLu Warnicker, Dakota Kolbe as Wes Warnicker, Cody Fink as Coach Dunbar, Elizabeth Boyce as Eleanor Dunbar, Hannah Schreffler as Rusty, Samantha Scioscia as Urleen, Kaitlyn Glossick as Wendy Jo, Jareth Monroe as Chuck Cranston, Cody Hoppes as Williard Hewitt, Avery Werley as Vice Principal Clark, and Brooke Ellis as Old Betty.

The ensemble consists of Robert Stevenson, Michael Hertzog, Dillion Hamilton, Tom Kissinger, Seth Boyce, Adam Palko, Giovanni Klahr, Jayde Dries, Fawn Fix, Josie Keith, Sierra Hafer, Brianna Hull, Eileen Deiseman, Lyndsey Carr, Brittany Freed, Brittany Atkins, Paige Anderson, Hannah Krause, Samantha Livingston, Kailey Conrad, Miranda Pinder, Yelitza Pagan, Amber Dixon, and Olivia Betz.


The cast this year includes about twice as many members compared to previous years.

This is the fourth show that Mrs. Beth Geisinger, the director, has directed for Hamburg. She previously taught singing and dancing at the Boys and Girls Club in Allentown for five years. Before she moved to Pennsylvania, she ran the drama club at a high school in New Hampshire. She also directed shows at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem. She received her theatre degree from Temple University after transferring there from Northampton Community College, where she went to school for her first two years of her degree.

The chorographer for Footloose is Mrs. Bernstel. She runs the Drama Club, helps out with the musical, and takes care of the business side of the musical.

Dr. Christine Ryan, a music teacher at the middle school, is the vocal director for the musical. She teaches the notes and organizes the soprano.

Mrs. Angela Dowd teaches strings in the district and instructs the orchestra, which will be a part of the musical.

Mrs. Bender is the casts costumer. The set designer is Jill Beatty. She organizes and designs the sets for the entire musical.

The cast also helps out with the sets by coming in on days that are specifically designated just for creating the sets. They help with painting and creating the props for each scene. There are not many props for this musical. Since there are so many scenes, the few props are strategically used in many ways to limit the amount of unnecessary props. They are using triptychs, which are triangle bases on wheels and on each side is a different scene. These make scenes a lot easier because instead of nine different bulky columns, it can be reduced to only three.

In order to get the most out of rehearsal, the cast starts with a stretching warm up each day to get hyped up for the rest of rehearsal. It is a difficult challenge to memorize all the scenes, songs, and lines in the musical. In total, there are nine scenes in the first act, seven scenes in the second act and 23 songs in the whole musical.

The whole cast works really hard at every rehearsal to perfect every detail in order to perform the best show possible. As time progresses, the cast members grow closer. Were like a family. Once the music gets swinging, we really get close, said Brandi Mazaika.

Kyle Schumaker commented that there is always a nice environment during rehearsals and that each cast members goal and love of theatre brings them together.

Make sure to come out and support the Drama Hawks in their version of Footloose. The whole concept of the musical is about kids and parents trying to get along, which is something everyone can relate to and enjoy seeing throughout the whole musical.