Responsible Recycling Services, Kutztown, receives DEP permit for E-Waste

Responsible Recycling Services located in Kutztown received DEP General Permit on March 8. This permit allows the processing of E-Waste to take place at the facility.

Responisble Recycling Services opened May, 2012 and was servicing the community as a “transfer station” up to this point.

Responsible Recycling Services is one of only two companies in Berks County to operate with a DEP permit.

Recent law (Act 108) went into effect January, 2013 making it illegal to put Covered Electronic Devices in the Garbage (TVs, Computers, Printers.)


Residents and Small Businesses can recycle computers and electronics for FREE. Responsible Recycling Services has several drop off locations available for residents and small business to recycle they work along with municipalities to offer weekend recycling events for local residents. Responsible Recycling Services offers pick up services for schools, business, and organizations throughout the county.