Tel Hai Hosts Annual “Sew-In”

Tel Hai resident, Sara Foreacre models one of the ěvalor quiltsî to be delivered to veterans. The SEW Creative group of current and future Tel Hai residents created the 54 quilts over the course of four months during their weekly group meetings in the Garrett Community Center on campus. Photo provided by Tel Hai.

Honey Brook Twp, PA—Members of Tel Hai’s SEW Creative group once again hosted local stitchers for the annual “Sew-In” held in the Auditorium/Chapel on Tel Hai’s campus. Four-dozen volunteers representing the retirement community, members of the Calico Cutters Guild and the Cedarville United Methodist Church invested time and talent to complete 54 lap-sized quilts for veterans in patriotic patterns replete with an abundance of red-white-and blue. A number of the hand-tied quilts will be sent to Andrews Air force Base in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the balance will be delivered to the Coatesville Veterans Hospital. Reaching out to veterans is of great significance to the volunteers who have family members who have served in the armed forces—fathers, brother, sons and daughters among them. Approximately 30 messages “from vets to vets” were also collected and sewn on selected quilts at the gathering.

Members of the group included six men, all veterans: Mac Chandler, George Copes, Joe Mitre, Jim Reichert, Dave Schram, and Bob Walton. SEW Creative group leader, Shirley Walton, confirmed that the turnout this year exceeded years past in terms of numbers of stitchers and quilts ready to be tied. The group gathered at ten o’clock on the morning of March 21 and finished up their last quilt before their two o’clock goal.