Healthy Hunger-Free Kids act affects Fleetwood food budget

Fleetwood School Boardrecently reviewed how the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids act affects the district.

Fleetwood Area School DistrictDirector of Food ServicesJeffery Woodall presented the 2013-14 food budget to the School Board recently.

According to Woodall, the biggest issue that the food budget faced was learning and implementing the regulations that fell under the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids act of 2010.

“The changes this year have had direct effects on us,” Woodall said.


This year children were required to take a fruit with their reimbursable meal. He said that at first the students were resistant to the idea but as the year went on they were more receptive to the idea.

The report showed that there was an eight percent decrease in participation in students who are purchasing meals.

“We went from about 71 percent participation to about 63 percent,” Woodall said.

At the high school, where the law allows schools to offer more food choices, Woodall found that more students in the high school were buying lunches.

The food services budget for the 2013-14 school year is $1,158,399 which is an increase of $30,345 from last year. The school board unanimouslyvoted to approve the budget on April 16.

A part of the budget includes raising the price of school lunches. For Kindergarten through 6th grade the lunches will be raised to $2.20, for 7th to 12th grade the price will be raised to $2.35 and for adults the price will be raised to $3.75.