Thank you Hamburg Fire Company

Dear Editor;

Rarely do the police officers and volunteers of the Hamburg Fire Company receive recognition and appreciation for the obvious services that they provide to our community despite the selfless and often dangerous nature of these services. But the truth is that they often go far beyond these obvious actions. A case in point relates to their response to a recent structure fire. Appropriately their attention was to securing the immediate area and attending to the fire scene. But in the midst of this they were confronted with the need of a disabled individual to access her nearby house. Both the officer securing the area and the firemen attending to the fire scene went above and beyond to willingly and very graciously assist this lady in need. This is an isolated instance but unquestionably represents the innumerable times that these individuals are providing far more services than are readily apparent. So this simple note is to thank them for their many, many obvious and often more obscure actions. Were lucky to have you.


Susan Leiby, resident of Hamburg.