Primary Election Results for Southern Berks

Here are the unofficial May 21 primary election results according to the Berks County website at

Amity Auditor:

No Democratic Candidates, 6 Democratic Write Ins

Joseph Jack Bucciaglia 347 Republican

Amity Supervisor:

No Democratic Candidates, 17 Democratic Write Ins


Dave Hackett 269 Republican

Robert R. Yanos 214 Republican, 2 Republican Write Ins

Amity Tax Collector:

No Democratic Candidates, 9 Democratic Write Ins

Dean Fronheiser 449 Votes, Republican

Birdsboro Council:

Robert M. Myers 137 Votes, Democratic

Cindy Mcgee 95 Votes, Democratic

Michael J. Welsh, Sr. 87 Votes, Democratic

7 Democratic Write Ins

Joseph P. Germani 133, Republican

Neil B. Mccauley, 113 Votes, Republican

37 Write Ins

Birdsboro Mayor:

111 Democratic Write Ins

Jim Arms, Jr, 84 Votes, Republican

63 Republican Write Ins

Birdsboro Tax Collector:

5 Democratic Write Ins

Judith Lumis, 133 Votes, Republican

3 Republican Write Ins

Cumru Comm.:

No Democratic Candidates, 89 Democratic Write Ins

Tony J. Sacco, 526 Votes Republican

Lorri K. Swan, 513 Votes Republican

Sheri Hoover, 431 Votes Republican

Stephen W. Crandall, 409 Votes Republican

Michael Thompson, 352 Votes Republican

Salvatore M. Cutrona, Sr, 278 Votes Republican

0 Republican Write Ins

Cumru Tax Collector:

No Democratic Candidates, 8 Democratic Write Ins

Kathleen S. Sonnen, 986 Votes, Republican

3 Republican Write Ins

Exeter Auditor:

18 Democratic Write Ins

Louise Swartley, 793 Votes, Republican, 5 Write Ins

Exeter Supervisor:

Donald R. Wilson, 616 Democratic Votes,

84 Democratic Write Ins

Barry Ziegler, 777 Votes, Republican

112 Republican Write Ins

Exeter Tax Collector:

94 Democratic Write Ins

Charles Diamond, 815 Votes, Republican

Angela Weidner, 249 Votes, Republican

0 Republican Write Ins

Amity Inspector:

1 Democratic Write In

Alfred Greenawalt, 63 Votes, Republican, 0 Write Ins

Mohnton Tax Collector:

1 Write In, Republican

3 Write Ins, Democratic

Mohnton Mayor:

Gary D. Kraft, 185 Votes, Republican

3 Write Ins, Republican

7 Write Ins, Democratic

Mohnton Council 4Y Term:

Jane A. Hoffman, 156 Votes, Republican

Michael J. Defeo, 141 Votes, Republican

5 Write In, Republican

Shirley Stuebner, 116 Votes, Democratic

Dennis C. Frymoyer, 106 Votes, Democratic

14 Write Ins, Democratic

Mohnton Council, 2Y Term:

9 Write Ins, Republican

Bradford R. Grauel, 118 Votes, Democratic

2 Write Ins, Democratic

Shillington Tax Collector:

Carol A. Leiphart. 257 Votes, Republican

2 Write In Republican, 4 Write In Democratic

Shillington Mayor:

30 Write Ins, Republican

26 Write Ins, Democratic

Shillington Council 4Y Term:

Conrad Vanino, Jr., 255 Votes, Republican

Ronald R. Klee, Jr., 243 Votes, Republican

Michael A. Hoffert, 221 Votes, Republican

Todd Lubas, 195 Votes, Republican

2 Write In, Republican

Elizabeth Bentz, 261 Votes, Democratic

13 Write Ins, Democratic

Shillington Council, 2Y Term:

George B. Clark, 240 Votes, Republican

0 Write Ins, Republican

10 Write Ins, Democratic

St. Lawrence Tax Collector:

Susan D. Eggert, 62 Votes, Republican, 0 Democratic/Republican Write Ins

Michael C. Fritz, 69 Votes, Democratic, 0 Write Ins

St. Lawrence Council:

David W. Eggert, 60 Votes, Democratic

Warren L. Lubenow, 60 Votes, Democratic

Cary G. Whitman, 56 Votes, Democratic

D. Michael Bennethum, 52 Votes, Democratic

1 Write In, Democratic

1 Write In, Republican

St. Lawrence Judge Of Election:

1 Write In, Democratic

Ruth L. Haller, 59 Votes, Republican

0 Write Ins, Republican