Here are the unofficial May 21 primary election results according to the Berks County website at

Gov. Mifflin School Board 2 yearTerm:

Lisa A. Peterson, 1202 Votes, Democratic

3 Write Ins, Democratic

Lisa A. Peterson, 1545, Republican


5 Write Ins, Republican

Gov. Mifflin School Board 4 yearTerm

Michele Hill O’Brien, 832 Votes, Democratic; 1063 Votes, Republican

James D. Ulrich, 786 Votes, Democratic; 1208 Votes, Republican

Ronald C. Dunkelberger, Jr, 709 Votes, Democratic; 1213 Votes, Republican

Donald B. Kennedy, 651 Votes, Democratic; 1106 Votes, Republican

Michael Bieber, 604 Votes, Democratic

L. Todd Reynolds, 526, Democratic; 977, Republican

3 Democratic Write Ins;38 Republican Write Ins