Exeter School Board, Council election results

The unofficial primary election results show the following for

These are the unofficial May 21 primary election results according to the Berks County website at http://elections.co.berks.pa.us/results/default.aspx.

Exeter School Board:

Carole A. Kutscher, 613 Votes, Democratic

David Bender, 534 Votes, Democratic


Robert H. Quinter, 528 Votes, Democratic

Russell J. Diesinger, 517 Votes, Democratic

18 Democratic Write Ins

Carole A. Kutscher, 679 Votes, Republican

David Bender, 648 Votes, Republican

Robert H. Quinter, 626 Votes, Republican

Russell J. Diesinger, 611 Votes, Republican

12 Republican Write Ins

Exeter Auditor:

18 Democratic Write Ins

Louise Swartley, 793 Votes, Republican

5 Republican Write Ins

Exeter Supervisor:

Donald R. Wilson, 616 Democratic Votes

84 Democratic Write Ins

Barry Ziegler, 777 Votes, Republican

112 Republican Write Ins

Exeter Tax Collector:

Charles Diamond, 815 Votes, Republican

Angela Weidner, 249 Votes, Republican

0 Republican Write Ins

94 Democratic Write Ins