Transitioning to the high school

Kenzie Myer
Kenzie Myer

As the door of middle school comes to a close for eighth graders at our recognition June 7, the door to high school will finally become accessible to our class. In the start of my time at the middle school, I remember wanting desperately to go to the high school, to feel older. But now, as an eighth grader, all I want to do is stay here at Daniel Boone Middle School.

It is truly crazy how fast the three years of middle school have flown by. I think that my peers are in a similar mindset to the one I am in. We are all a little nervous about going into our Freshman year. There are so many things that we have to think about regarding high school. Will we able to adjust easily to a new school? How will we deal with being the youngest again? What classes should we take? Can we just simply fit in with everyone else? These are the similar problems that we faced entering middle school, but now that we are older and more mature, we are given more freedom and responsibility.

We were able to pick all of courses for the next school year, which was quite a bit to consider.

I am nervous about whether or not I chose the right classes for next year -- I am really hoping I chose the right ones for me, said eighth-grader Kaylin Mora.


Some of my other classmates are not all that nervous about making the transition. We are also glad that there are more extracurricular activities that are available to participate in. I think that it will be a great opportunity for us to meet new people and find different interests. I think that there will be something for every student to enjoy and participate in.

Madeline Reno, another eighth grader, told me, I am actually looking forward to high school, so that I can meet new people who have similar interests as me.

Our class (the Class of 2017) should remain positive about going to a new school. I think that we are equally nervous and excited for the high school. So as our class departs from Daniel Boone Middle School, we will be upset leaving behind our favorite teachers, activities, and the school that we have learned so much from. But we should all be excited for the beginning of a new chapter of our lives on our first day at Daniel Boone High School.