Brandywien Heights High School announces its sports award winners

Hall of Fame inductees Joe Heffner and Joey Lovello.

On Friday, May 31, the Brandywine Heights High School Sports Booster Club hosted their 48th Annual Awards Banquet. Over 250 athletes, parents and coaches attended the affair.

Following a catered dinner in the cafeteria, the program relocated to the auditorium for the formal ceremony. The coaches recognized their most valuable players as well as presented numerous special awards. In addition, Mr. Joe Heffner and Mr. Joseph Lovello were inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Awards winners are listed below:

MVP Award -Baseball: Jon Dekovitch


BYBA Scholastic Award: Uriah Hertzog

MVP Award -Wrestling: Peter Renda

Bullet Mat Club Award:Peter Renda

Bullet Mat Club Award: Adam Mackie

Bullet Mat Club Award: Christopher Langston

Michael Melnyk III Scholarship for Boys’ Wrestling: Peter Renda

Michael Melnyk III Scholarship for Boys’ Wrestling: Adam Mackie

MVP Award -Boys’ Soccer: Cody Wessner

Zach Smith Scholarship by Topton Soccer Club:Christopher Miller

MVP Award -Girls’ Basketball: Meagan Loos

BYGB Award: Meagan Loos

BYGB Award: Ashley Smith

BYGB Award: Jennifer Seabourne

BYGB Award: Emily VanBilliard

MVP Award -Girls’ Soccer: Nyssa Hughes

Zach Smith Scholarship by Topton Soccer Club:Meredith Grossman

MVP Award -Field Hockey: Nina Klein

MVP Award -Softball:Samantha Sweigart

Tamara Fink/Beth Trexler Award:Jennifer Seabourne

Brandywine Girls’ Softball League Award:Megan Olsen

MVP Award -Boys’ Basketball:Bryce Pinkerton

BBA Scholarship:Bryce Pinkerton

BBA Scholarship:Matthew Boyer

BBA Scholarship:Tanner Rankin

BBA Scholarship: Alec Hess

BBA Scholarship: Kyle Fox

MVP Award -Cheerleading:Valerie Jenkins

BCCCA Award:Valerie Jenkins

BCCCA Award:Michelle Bradley

MVP Award -Boys’ Tennis:Diego Pinto

MVP Award -Golf: Daniel Kristan

Eugene Landis Award:Brian Surdovel

Zach Smith Memorial Scholarship:Bryce Pinkerton

MVP Award -Girls’ Volleyball:Sienna Heist

TOPS Award: Melissa Farley

MVP Award -Girls’ Tennis:Jennifer Seabourne

MVP Award -Boys’ Volleyball:Austin Gehman

Michael Melnyk III Scholarship for Boys’ Volleyball:Austin Gehman

District III E. Jerry Brooks Academic Excellence:Bryce Pinkerton

District III E. Jerry Brooks Academic Excellence:Jennifer Seabourne

District III Fackler-Hower Sportsmanship Award:Jennifer Seabourne & Peter Renda

Sam Lovello & 1998 Team Award:Peter Renda

Glenn Reifinger Memorial Award:Peter Renda

Players’ Player Awards:Jennifer Seabourne & Peter Renda

Outstanding Senior Athlete Awards:Jennifer Seabourne & Peter Renda