Black Lab Landscape Supply opens in Elverson

A new company has come to town! In April, Brian Montieth opened his family owned and operated landscape supply yard and business, Black Lab Landscape Supply, at 100 Warwick St. between St. Peters Village and Elverson, Pa.

Black Lab Landscape Supply is an affiliate of BME Inc. located in Phoenixville. A company he established in 2004 as an excavating and asphalt paving business. Montieth has been in the construction business for 18 years, getting his start as a carpenter building custom homes with family and friends in the Chester County area. He then learned the landscaping and hardscaping businesses and subsequently focused on the ‘ins and outs’ of creating outdoor getaways.

He related, “When working in the Elverson area I had to travel ten miles either way to get supplies. I found a void that needed to be filled and I developed a five-year plan to bring bulk materials - such as varieties of stone, mulch, topsoil, sand, grass, landscaping fabrics, straw matting and pavers - for local free delivery and expanded delivery into a 20 mile radius.”

So, why the name Black Lab?

“My two daughters, Rylin and Brynn came up with that name. We have two black labs, Kaylee who is about six and Emerson who is nine months old, who we got after our lab, Zoey (who was 14 years old) passed last year. We are a family business. On occasion you might see the dogs walking around the yard,” Montieth shared.


“Morgantown is a growing area. The need for an experienced professional in the landscaping/hardscaping supply business is self-evident. There are noticeable problems with water erosion that needs to be addressed successfully. I want to bring my 18 years of experience and my knowledge to do the job right. We want to cater to the home owner.” he said

Montieth opened Black Lab Landscape Supply to provide a one stop shop operated by a staff that possesses the experience to quantify honest material amounts needed for a job and the years of construction experience needed to assure that Black Lab is qualified to supply the contractor with bulk purchases and prices. Montieth added that they are also available for qualified referrals for all types of construction projects: landscaping, seal coating, asphalt paving, hardscaping, concrete and carpentry.

He offered the following tips to those looking for landscaping/hardscaping advice:

1. Recognize that your supplier should fully understand your project through good communication about your ideas and your desired end result. It helps if they are experienced with hands- on knowledge.

2. It is always necessary to dig out the area you are working on and then put down landscape fabric and then add your stones. This helps prevent the water from pushing up on the stones.

3. When preparing your flower beds use stone instead of mulch to protect the area from water and erosion.

You can reach Black Lab Landscape Supply at 610-924-2744. For information visit their website: