Additional 106 acres preserved in Berks

Submitted photo: Judy Schwank has announced her intention to run for reelection.

Sen. Judy Schwank announced that an additional 106 acres of Berks County farmland will be preserved through the purchase of $266,500 worth of conservation easements.

The Pennsylvania Agricultural Land Preservation Board, of which Schwank is a member, approved the preservation of the Larry and Patricia Bauscher farm in Greenwich Township.

“One farm at a time, we are saving Berks County’s invaluable agricultural spaces,” said Schwank. “Preserving the Bauscher tract for future generations of farming is what this great program is designed to do. My thanks to them for taking this important step.”

Since its inception, 4,426 farms totaling 475,000 acres have been preserved statewide. Berks County has counts 653 farms in the statewide total and 65,740 acres.


Berks County remains first in the state for farmland preservation.

Provided by Sen. Schwank’s office.