Berks County profits nearly $32,000 from yard sale

Office of Berks County Chief Operating Officer Carl E. Geffken reported that April 5 was a very good day for a yard sale for the County of Berks – officials cleared out hundreds of unused, outdated, or redundant items and realized a profit of nearly $32,000.

According to Geffken, gross revenues for the day amounted to $85,807. That amount, after state sales taxes and auctioneer fees, was reduced to a net of $73,226.56.

That figure includes the net revenue for the county along with net revenues for the other participating municipalities of Brecknock, Caernarvon, Earl, Maidencreek, Pike, Robeson and Tilden townships along with Shillington borough.

The gross county revenue was $37,986. After paying the requisite sales taxes ($2,240.28) and the services of auctioneer Dick Henry ($3,798.80), the county’s bottom line was enhanced by a net of $31,946.92.


“We are very pleased with the results of this auction and may look to do another in the future,” said Geffken.

Among the items sold were two paddle boats, a row boat and an aluminum boat, patio heaters, a golf cart, portable outhouses, basketball backstops, air conditioners, large service trucks, an SUV, two law enforcement sedans, tires, tire chains, propane tanks, furniture including books shelves, filing cabinets and night stands, printers, radio pagers, chain saws, tractors and mowers.

Some profits from the auction were allocated to departments from which auction items were gleaned. The biggest winner was the parks and recreation department which netted $12,794.88.

“The parks department is extremely pleased with the outcome of this auction,” said Christopher Stress, acting director. “I want to report that the proceeds netted from the parks department items will go directly back into the improvement of the county parks.”

At the bottom of the departmental list was adult probation which netted 84 cents from the sale of a television cabinet, according to Geffken.

The auction was held at the Reading Fair Grounds, Bern Township. Several hundred buyers and spectators attended the sale.

Provided by County of Berks Office.