Retired teacher rides for the American Cancer Society

Submitted photo Dennis Snyder is taking part in a six-day ride form Portland, Maine to Palmerton, Pennsylvania on July 29.

There are quite a few numbers that comprise the life of Dennis Snyder, retired Hamburg teacher and avid cyclist.

As an educator, he spent 34 years in the classroom.

As a coach, he spent 7 years coaching Football and 32 years coaching Baseball.

He has over 500 running, duathlon, and triathlon events, and 4 Boston marathons under his belt.


He has biked in or through 31 states and he has raised $51,000 dollars for the fight against cancer.

And on July 29, he will start his 10th ride for the American Cancer Society, a ride in which he will log over 500 miles.

Snyder will be riding in the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer, a biking event whose participants raise money to assist in finding a cure for cancer that culminates in a six-day ride from Portland, Maine to Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

As Snyder puts it, “the ride is used to commemorate the suffering of cancer victims. We design the course for suffering and we do just that.”

With only approximately six weeks left until the race, Snyder has been running, lifting weights, taking yoga and Pilates classes, swimming and cycling approximately 200-300 miles per week to prepare for this particular ride.

“I realized personal accomplishment is great but with the Perimeter Ride I was using my fitness and skills to help others,” said Snyder.

Not only will Snyder impact the lives of those who are suffering with cancer, but also perhaps the lives of his former students.

As a former teacher, Snyder says that teaching influenced his athletic pursuits because he “just wanted to be a good example for my students.The quality of my life which I attribute to my fitness level is something no amount of money can buy.”

And while no amount of money can buy the same quality of life that good health and exercise can provide, each rider must raise at least $1,000 to ride, with the total goal for this year at $150,000. The ride has 66 racers who currently have a collective $105, 796 raised and Snyder is currently at $7,100 dollars, listed in the top three fundraisers for this event.

To donate to this cause, go to and click on DENNIS SNYDER or send a check to Dennis Snyder, made out to “American Cancer Society.”