Topton Torpedoes ready to compete in Berks Swimming League

Photos courtesy of Weldon Photography
Fourth annual Topton Swim Invitational brough swimmers from across the region to the Topton Pool on June 23.
Photos courtesy of Weldon Photography Fourth annual Topton Swim Invitational brough swimmers from across the region to the Topton Pool on June 23.

The Topton swim team has started another season. They’ve only had one week of practice since the weather hasn’t cooperated fully, but coach Adam Kurtz would say that they’re looking very good.

“We have a very young team with many brand new swimmers who are swimming competitively for the very first time,” said Kurtz. “I’m impressed and pleasantly surprised with the effort and enthusiasm that they have brought to the pool.”

Kurtz feels that things are going better than he expected, so far. The kids are putting in the effort and time that they need to in order to become better swimmers. His expectations for the first week of practice have been surpassed and he’s look forward to the rest of the season.

“Usually, for the first week, I expect to cover freestyle, but we ended up getting to backstroke and some breaststroke which is a great start,” said Kurtz.


Kurtz does have expectations for the swim team this year. This summer the coaches want to have as many swimmers qualify for county as we can. Last year Topton had about 20 swimmers qualify. This year Kurtz hope to get that number up to 30, which would be just under half of the team.

“We also want to focus on having each swimmer legally swim all four strokes,” said Kurtz. “As long as the coaches stay on top of the swimmers all summer, and the swimmers come every day with a mindset to learn, we should be able to reach these goals.”

This year is Kurtz’s fourth year as the coach of the Topton swim team. So far he sees no reason why this season won’t be the best.

One of the strengths the team has is the size of the team. “It’s something that the other teams in our league don’t have, which will allow us many options to swim different events and have a lot of swimmers in those events.” said Kurtz.

One disadvantage the Topton team has to deal with is the fact that most of the swimmers on the team don’t swim all year long. While some swimmers on other Berks County teams are swimming all four seasons of the year, the Topton swimmers have to get back into the swing of things come summer.

“Instead of continuing a workout program from summer to winter to spring, and back to summer, we have to get our swimmers prepared in the two weeks before our first meet,” said Kurtz. “It is a tough thing to do, but we have had a good start this first week. I usually have the same concerns each summer and everything always turns out fine.”

On the boys side, we have Conner Chapkovich and Michael Tierney returning for the Torpedoes. According to Kurtz both of these boys made counties last year and will hopefully do it again. “They are great leaders and role models for the younger swimmers,” said Kurtz.

For the girls, there is Courtney Moyer and Alexis Fenstermacher who both are looking to make counties. “They, like the boys, are great leaders and bring a lot of effort and ability to the pool each day,” said Kurtz.

The Torpedoes have a lot of younger, newer swimmers who will make an impact for the team, but Kurtz feels that it’s too early to single any one out.

Kurtz knows how tough the Berks County League is, and that every team has the same goal in mind. “I hope to have a winning record this summer, but it will be tough since the other teams in the league are looking to do the same thing,” said Kurtz. “I hope to have 30 swimmers make the county meet which will be tough, but I know we can do it.”