Summer preparation for the golf team

Faith Hughes
Faith Hughes

This upcoming school year, I will be a freshman. I plan on trying out for the golf team.

I have been golfing with my dad for at least four years. I have taken many camps, lessons, and clinics to prepare for the golf team that I will hopefully be on next year. This summer I have participated in more golf than usual.

Every Tuesday night, my dad and I play in a league that is held at Twin Ponds Golf Club near Pottstown. That is a lot of fun. We play against other golfers most of them are above the age of 40. I learn a lot from watching the older players. I see how everyone attacks their shots differently. It teaches me that I dont have to golf how everyone else does, I just need to find what works for me.

I signed up for four tournaments this summer, too. I played in the Golden Oaks Junior Tournament and I felt proud after that tournament because I didnt finish last. I was also the only girl against 40 other golfers ranging from the ages of 13 to 17. I also signed up for a few tournaments in the Berks County Junior Tour. Playing a good variety of courses helps me adapt to many unique course conditions. It is also good practice. I played in those tournaments last year, as well. I love being able to gage myself against other golfers my age. I am not the best, and Im -- usually -- not the worst, which is good!


I am taking a clinic at The Manor Golf Course, also to prepare for the golf team tryouts. The class is for high-schoolers who are going to go out for their respective golf teams in the fall. We have a Professional Golfers Association (PGA) pro, and he helps us with tips and advice to improve our game. The last session we worked on putting, then played a few holes. I could see the change in my putting. I shaved at least one stroke off my score from the tips I received.

Playing with my dad can be challenging sometimes. I get easily frustrated when I dont hit a shot exactly right and I take it out on him. He is always there to give me helpful tips when I need them. It is good to play with him because he has 30 years of experience on me. He is a really great golfer and he is someone I look up to. I watch how he swings his driver, irons, and when he chips, because there is something to learn from every aspect of his game.

Joining the golf team is a little bittersweet for me, though. I have been preparing for next years golf team for a few years. Theres been a lot of hard work, but I am going to miss playing volleyball for our school team. Golf and girls volleyball are both fall season sports. I started playing volleyball last year and am outside playing at least two hours every day. I love volleyball, but golf is what I want to pursue next year.

Tryouts are soon, so wish me luck!

Faith Hughes is an upcoming freshman at Daniel Boone High School.