From the Editor: Interacting with the readers

Shea Singley
Shea Singley

I wanted to take the time (and a break from writing about the exploits of my cats) to thank the Hamburg area for all of their helpfulness and friendliness over the past months. Since starting in March, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people while out covering events. Everyone has been helpful and understanding while I have settled into this position.

For such a small area, there is quite a lot going on and we would never be able to get as much coverage of events into the paper if not for the heads up on what is going on and submissions from various people.

One of the things that I love about this job is being able to get out and meet the people who I am writing for on a weekly basis. I do not have the memory or space to provide a full list of everyone I have met and have gotten to know, but I am very glad that I have had the chance to talk with you. There are so many stories and exciting people in the area.

This is your town and your paper. Many times I am asked if it is okay for someone to submit something. The answer is yes. As long as it is local and news related, please submit. As much as I try, it is impossible to know everything that is going on and having someone submit something, even if it is just a photo with a short description, is excellent.


With the Internet and social media, we as a paper are able to interact with the readers on a daily basis in a fairly easy way. We love seeing reader responses on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Recently, the Hamburg Item created an Instagram account where you can send photos of what you love about the area. We also started using Tout which allows us to record short videos, so be sure to check that out as well.

One of the new columns in the paper that I am very excited about is Questions to Sophie. Dont be shy. If you have a question on anything in life, submit it and see the answer in print. Its very possible that many people have the same worry or question and seeing an answer could help them out as well.

I enjoy interacting with the readers whether it be in person or through one of the social media tools. Dont be shy to let us know your thoughts, as again this is your paper. Also, if you see me out covering something (I usually stick out juggling a camera, phone and notebook) come over and say hi.

Thank you, everyone, for making this job one that I look forward to going to and helping me discover all that this area has to offer.

Shea Singley is the editor of The Hamburg Area Item. She can be reached at