Municipal Report: Lanchester Properties gets approval in Honey Brook Township

Lanchester Properties has a goal of establishing a counseling center in the old two-story schoolhouse along Route 322. The property straddles Honey Brook Township and the borough, said spokesman John King.

Restoration work on the outside of the historic building is underway. Officials feel there are enough parking spaces for the initial project. Conditional use was granted as long as the plans are followed as approved by Township Engineer Mike Reinert.

Tracey Olsen has been appointed as supervisor to fill out the unexpired term of Lew Wertley, who resigned earlier this month.

An indefinite period of time extension was granted to the owners of the Tabas Tract located near Griesen Road. Reinert said it is a common request for consideration based on correspondence from June 21. There are concerns about storm water, waste water management and traffic at the location. Township Attorney John Good said they put the cart before the horse by presenting a plan before they were ready.


Waivers were approved for Marco Equipment, located in the McConnell Industrial Park. The waivers are related to a pole barn that is planned for storage. Equipment and parts are spilling out of the shop, said a spokesman. There are minimal problems relating to the subdivision and land development ordinance.

A hearing date is being set for a hearing on code enforcement at Brandywine Terrace Mobile Home Court, said Reinert. The citation centers on trash.

Officials from West Brandywine Township have closed the bridge over the West Branch of the Brandywine Creek on Icedale Road because of safety concerns. It will be closed indefinitely said Honey Brook Township Road Master Don Johnson. At this time there is no money available to fix the bridge. Icedale Road begins in West Brandywine Township and intersects with Route 322 in Honey Brook Township.

There are some isolated homes where there is a concern about access and exit, said Good. There is also a concern about local flooding. An effort will be made to acquire funding from PennDOT to repair the bridge.

During evenings when little league baseball is underway, there is a parking problem at Umble Park said Therese Mauchline of the Parks and Recreation Committee. Johnson said he will see what can be done.

Supervisor John McHugh said there will be a community town hall meeting at the township building on Suplee Road at 7 p.m. on August 8. Residents are welcome to come and express their concerns.

The Parks and Recreation Committee was established to reach out to the community to provide various programs for children during the summer months. The tennis program turned out well, officials said. The golf program was canceled because of a scheduling problem. Mauchline said pickle ball games will start the week of July 15. Residents are encouraged to contact the committee with their concerns and interests at the Township Administration office at 610-273-3970.

Three pounds of kale and string beans have been harvested for the Chester County Food Bank from the raised bed garden beside the township building. Dr. Ed Frankel and Lea Heller from Parks and Recreation have volunteered to tend the garden.

Volunteers are needed to fill positions on the Planning Commission, Land Preservation Committee and the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee. The website for more information relating to township activities is