Adoptable pets at the Montgomery County S.P.C.A.

Lovie Dovie
Lovie Dovie

We recently introduced Chuck to you and would like to sing his praises once again. Chuck is a fantastic dog who originally came to the shelter as a stray. He is good with other dogs, and loves the company of anyone and everyone. When hes not lounging on his bed he enjoys romping around and going on long walks. Chuck is a perfect loving companion. Release Number A234588

Lovie Dovie is one of six ring-neck doves that the shelter has currently up for adoption.They sing in a cooing manner, and are beautiful to watch all day long. They are a naturally calm bird, that are easy to handle.

Lizzy is a beautiful tortie and white colored cat. She longs for a home were she can be pampered and fretted over. She is good with people and appears to get along with children. Lizzy is an inquisitive cat and never gives up the opportunity to get her head scratched while meeting someone new. Release Number A234772

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