Frog Holler rocks Kutztown Park

Patriot photo by Roxanne Richardson
Frog Holler performing at Kutztown Park July 27.
Patriot photo by Roxanne Richardson Frog Holler performing at Kutztown Park July 27.

Fans leaped for the chance to catch a free concert by the home grown band, Frog Holler, at Kutztown Park Saturday.

Part of the Kutztown Borough’s summer Concert Series, Frog Holler entertained the crowd in and out of the Kutztown Park bandshell from 7 to 9 p.m.

“We’ve been doing it 17 years. It’s my town, we’re right down the street,” said Frog Holler guitarist and lead vocalist, Darren Schlappich.“We always have a lot of people come out to the park so it’s fun; we have a great time. People come to see us play so that’s why we come.”

When not performing, Schlappich spends a lot of time enjoying Kutztown Park with his two little kids who were busy playing on the playground while their dad was on stage.


Kutztown resident Michelle Dugan’s son, Tim, used to play with Frog Holler, before they became Frog Holler, when they all were music majors at Kutztown University.

“They used to come to our basement and jam,” said Dugan.

Although Dugan goes to almost every concert sponsored by the borough, she goes to everything that Frog Holler does. Dugan said the members back then, for her, were another reminder of the Grateful Dead.

“That just kind of brought back all those memories that we could bring back at a time of innocence and unity and everybody dancing and being together and enjoying each other’s company,” said Dugan as she sat just outside of the bandshell listening to the music. “It’s great to have live music.”

Ginger Chalmers, former owner of the Brass Lantern, said Frog Holler is her favorite band ever.

“My bar was their home bar. First time they ever played there, 32 people showed up. The next time it was 60 people and then the next time it was 350 and it was like, oh my God,” said Chalmers.

Although the band has been to Europe, up and down the East coast, out to Chicago and back, every summer they love to come back and play for their hometown family and friends at the bandshell.

“We’re all Berks County boys,” said Frog Holler drummer and vocalist Daniel Bower. “Our music is family friendly so it’s nice to play a family friendly gig.”

Bower said it’s definitely a summer regular that they really look forward to.

The Borough of Kutztown 2013 Concert Series started in May and runs until Aug. 8 with the Kutztown School District Summer Band performance from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Kutztown Park bandshell.