Leftover tidbits from the 2013 Boyertown Legion Bears baseball season.

Photo by Aimee Herbert
There were a lot of ups and downs for the 2013 Legion Bears, but the season resulted in another state championship.
Photo by Aimee Herbert There were a lot of ups and downs for the 2013 Legion Bears, but the season resulted in another state championship.

In the course of any legion baseball season, it’s natural to acquire miscellaneous information that simply did not “fit” in any specific article for the season, but which has accumulated to a large enough of a degree as to warrant its own article. Here then are some of my leftover thoughts and memories from the recently-concluded 2013 legion baseball season, arranged as best as possible in chronological order.

1.The season began on a historical note with the use of wooden bats for the first time since the 1970s. The Bears lost that opener. However, the loss was against defending legion state champion Doylestown. Furthermore, the 2-0 score represented a huge improvement from the 12-0 loss from the previous season’s opener.

2. More importantly, the Bears rebounded from that loss to win their next 10 straight games. Interestingly, three of those games resulted in the same final score: 4-0. Adding to the irony was the fact that all three games were league games.

3. In a beautiful piece of planning, a Relay for Life Day was held at Bear Stadium. Originally scheduled for June 8, but postponed until early July due to weather, the day cleverly featured all three “time segments” of the Bears. “The Bears Past” were featured when the Boyertown Metz played the Gablesville Owls; “The Bears Future” were featured when the Boyertown Bear Cubs squared off with the Boyertown Grizzlies; and “The Bears Present” were featured as the current Bears took donations at the gate in lieu of a game ticket. The donations were then given to the Boyertown Relay for Life.


4.Somewhat forgotten in the season was the combined no-hitter thrown by Mitch Renninger and Chase Endy in the opening game of the County Playoffs. It was the first no-hitter by the Bears since 2005. Ironically, that previous gem was also a combined effort, with Seth Cass, Kurt Houck, and Gary Hessler taking turns in a no-hit win over Rockland County (NY) (in what was very nearly a combined perfect game, incidentally).

5. The Bears weren’t able to win the Region 2 title at Bears Stadium. However, they did cap off an unprecedented, back-to-back tournament hosting by winning another state title. They did so by winning two thrilling games, including a wild, extra-inning win over Downingtown (detailed in a previous article) that will definitely go down as a “game for the ages.”

6. Once again, I must comment on the beauty of Campbell’s Field in Camden. You had to be there to see the incredible beauty of the Ben Franklin Bridge towering over the field in distant left field, along with the beautiful waterfront areas of both Camden and Philadelphia. It certainly left an indelible mark on this scribe’s memory, as did the experience of walking across this great structure.

STADIUM BREEZES: Brooklawn emerged as the 2013 Legion World Series champions. They defeated Petaluma (CA.), 10-0, in the 15th and final game of the tournament.