Rebekah Armusik releases fifth novel

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Gothic Memoirs series
Submitted photo Gothic Memoirs series

Hamburg author Rebekah Armusik recently released her fifth novel in the 13 book Gothic Memoirs series. In the Shadows of Eden was released Aug. 1. To celebrate the release and to give interested readers a chance to be introduced to the series, Armusik is offering ebooks for free of her first two novels, Book 1: Memoirs of a Gothic Soul and Book 2: Mariopsa from Sept. 16-20.

“For anyone curious about starting my series, you are in luck,” said Armusik. “From Monday through Friday this week, Sept. 16-20, Kindle versions of my first two novels will be available for FREE download. Go to my website and you will find links to get your copies.”

Armusik grew up in Wilkes Barre, but was inspired by her grandmother’s tales of Slavic folklore. She used the two to create series. The first novel began as an autobiographical project that centered on her eccentric Slovak family and her experiences in Wilkes Barre, but changed direction when she added the folklore she was told during her early years.

“I come from a very colorful family that took pride in their heritage. My grandmother’s family is from Bratislava so it was only natural that the folklore and superstitions would become our bedtime stories. As a child, this made a huge impact on my life and certainly shaped my interests and focus,” she said. At first the novels were more autobiographical about growing up in an eccentric Slovak family but as the story progressed I chose to marry the fantasy and folklore with reality and in the end, it was successful.”


“My readers are able to bond with my characters because they are real – they have fears and flaws that they can relate to. The problem with most paranormal/fantasy fiction is that it creates a divide that separates the reader from what they know. I myself am not a fan of fiction that I cannot relate to on an intimate level,” she added.

The series is set for 13 novels which Armusik said she was not quite sure how it came to be that number, but she enjoys taking something often thought to be unlucky and making it successful. Book three and four were both written in one year with book three released in May of 2012 and book four on Halloween 2012.

“Honestly, I could write four novels in a year if I could fit it in,” said Armusik on how she was able to accomplish such an undertaking. “Writing comes easy to me – I write in my head all day long and then site and purge. When I’m washing dishes or ironing, I’m figuring out the twists and turns of my series – I never waste a minute. I also think that readers become disenchanted with authors who take their time releasing novels in a series.”

For more than a decade the series has been thought out and planned. Once finishing the current 13 novels in the series, Armusik plans to go back and start from the beginning of the story. She will then go back and finish the series entirely with the original 13. At this point, there will be at least 26 novels in the whole series at the end.

The Gothic romance, supernatural and paranormal fiction series takes readers into a celestial world fighting to regain its balance, a balance dependent on main character Nadija’s acceptance of her destiny. Fans often comment on Armusik’s unique and engaging writing style.

“Poetry will always be my first love – I love flowery, romantic and emotionally charged writing,” explained Armusik. “However, I also adore honest, thought provoking and realistic character that you can identify with. I love becoming attached and intimate with characters and I believe it translates easily in my work. My fans become so lost and inebriated in the story, that they feel an honest connection to me. And truthfully, I welcome that because my work is such a reflection of who I am.”

At the time of writing the first book, Rebekah met artist Eric Armusik and the two quickly married and began a family. Armusik admits that meeting Eric changed the entire focus of the series. Being able to understand falling quickly and deeply in love made a huge impact on the novels. The creative couple works together as Eric painted the covers to her novels and the two do all the designing and branding of the series.

“Honestly, we always seem to have the same vision and we love working together,” said Armusik. Our artistic collaborations always produce the most exquisite outcomes because we always approach everything with enthusiasm.”

Armusik acknowledges that her artistic family helped champion her gifts of writing. She always wanted to be writer and knew that it would be her grandmother and her stories that would shape novels.

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