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Will the White House deport Justin Bieber? |Apr 22, 2014

The White House has decided whether Justin Bieber will be deported or not.

Oprah Winfrey sued after stepmom kicked out of house |Apr 22, 2014

Oprah Winfrey’s stepmother says Winfrey is booting her out of her house.

X-Men’ director Bryan Singer’s accuser sues three more men |Apr 22, 2014

The man who’s accusing “X-Men” director Bryan Singer of sexual abusing him when he was a teen is now accusing three other Hollywood bigwigs of the same thing.

Courteney Cox says no ‘Friends’ reunion |Apr 22, 2014

Courteney Cox says it’s time to give up on the idea of a “Friends” reunion.

Drew Barrymore has second daughter |Apr 22, 2014

Drew Barrymore has given birth to her second child, she announced Tuesday.

Ryan Seacrest leaving ‘American Idol?’ |Apr 18, 2014

Ryan Seacrest wants off “American Idol,” according to RadarOnline.

Happy Hour: New Michael Jackson album, Black Jeopardy, more |Mar 31, 2014

Welcome to Happy Hour, your daily round-up of the biggest stories in pop culture. Consider these ice breakers for when you catch up with friends of colleagues after work! What should you talk about? The new Michael Jackson album to kick things off.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ braces for ‘ambitious’ finale |Mar 26, 2014

While shooting the pilot for “How I Met Your Mother” back in 2005, Alyson Hannigan genuinely believed the show was destined to fail — not because everything was going wrong, but because everything was working out just right.

TV death watch: Is your favorite show in trouble? |Mar 19, 2014

In prime time, as elsewhere, it’s good to be king.

Chris Brown tossed from rehab for touching women |Mar 17, 2014

Chris Brown was tossed out of rehab for making mocking remarks during group sessions, refusing a drug test after returning from an outing, and getting too close to women.

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Too many changes ahead? |Mar 17, 2014

Get ready for some changes as Season 18 of “Dancing With the Stars” returns in all its glitter and sequin tonight.

‘Generation War’: War crimes and misdemeanors |Mar 14, 2014

When “Generation War” aired on German television last year under the title “Our Mothers, Our Fathers,” the three-night miniseries had people across the country arguing its merits, both artistic and political.

‘Survivor’ recap: One tribe can’t win even when the other side tries to lose |Mar 13, 2014

And we’re back. The Beauties return to their camp after having voted off Brice. Former 49er Gold Rush girl Morgan is upset with Jeremiah, who flipped and went with his other alliance. She decides to save herself by throwing him under the bus, confronting him in front of the others about why he changed his mind about voting with her and Brice.

Jason Bateman makes movie directing debut out of ‘Bad Words’ |Mar 13, 2014

Kid television actor turned go-to comic straight man Jason Bateman makes a — shall we say surprising? — feature-directing debut with “Bad Words.” Written by Andrew Dodge, it’s a wicked, fairly straight-faced and unapologetically foul-mouthed comedy about a 40-year-old jerk, Bateman’s Guy Trilby, who enters children’s spelling bees on a technicality and works his way up to the national finals.

Aaron Paul’s career is shifting into overdrive |Mar 11, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — Steer clear of the obvious, and surprise not just your fans but yourself.

Of course Lena Dunham got naked on ‘SNL’ |Mar 11, 2014

‘The Bachelor’: And the final rose goes to… |Mar 11, 2014

Juan Pablo Galavis, the former pro soccer player described by Entertainment Weekly as a “shallow, narrow-minded hunk of man meat,” brought a merciful end to perhaps the most controversial season in the history of “The Bachelor” Monday night when he made his choice between two remaining women.

Old ‘Cosmos’ vs. new ‘Cosmos’: Who’s the king of the universe? |Mar 11, 2014

Casting experts and unsung heroes of reality TV |Feb 1, 2014

It’s a rarely-discussed fact of reality television: Before every Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo or Robertson, there was a casting director who thought they might be the perfect wacky character for TV.

Grammys broadcast flubs Cory Monteith tribute |Jan 28, 2014

The Grammys on Sunday spelled Cory Monteith’s name wrong during its tribute to entertainment figures who passed away in 2013.

Justin Bieber’s Valentine’s Day date? Court |Jan 28, 2014

‘Devil’s Due’: More silly than scary or startling (review) |Jan 20, 2014

A “Rosemary’s Baby” for the “Paranormal Activity” generation, “Devil’s Due” uses the increasingly unimaginative found-footage gimmick to try to juice up the tired trope of a woman who is carrying a demonic fetus.

‘Peter Pan’ will be NBC’s next live musical |Jan 20, 2014

NBC announced its next live musical will be “Peter Pan,” airing Dec. 4, with the cast so far unknown but with award-winning executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron signed to produce.

‘The Square’ filmmakers capture a revolution — and Oscar nomination |Jan 20, 2014

NEW YORK — On a recent afternoon, Jehane Noujaim apologized as she paused during an interview to check her cellphone. The director of “The Square,” an inside-out immersion into the Egyptian revolution, wanted to make sure her producer, Karim Amer, was going to be able to get back into the country — his country — to see an ailing relative.

Discovery’s ‘Klondike’: Then as now, misery at the bottom of the gold pan |Jan 20, 2014

Climbing aboard the premium drama train, Discovery sticks to one of its favorite reality TV subjects for its first scripted miniseries — hunting for gold in the Yukon — and comes back with some promising flecks if not quite a mother lode.

Kanye West punches 18-year-old at doctor’s office |Jan 14, 2014

Kanye West apparently got into a scuffle Monday with an 18-year-old man in the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office, according to TMZ.

When women get to play actual human beings |Jan 8, 2014

The Bechdel Test, the brainchild of cartoonist Alison Bechdel, bubbled out of a 1985 comic strip called “Dykes to Watch Out For.” It was Bechdel’s modest proposal for assessing how well a given film represented its female characters and it went like so: Do you, movie, feature two or more named women? Do they talk to each other? About something besides a guy? If so, then congratulations! You have passed the Bechdel Test.

2014 People’s Choice Awards: Follow the show live |Jan 8, 2014

Join as we watch along with you to bring you the latest updates on the 2014 People’s Choice Awards, broadcast on CBS Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 9 p.m. ET.

Leonardo DiCaprio was once almost eaten by a shark |Jan 8, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio said he almost got eaten by a shark.

‘Real World’s’ new San Francisco show a step down |Jan 7, 2014

When MTV’s pioneering reality series “The Real World” came to San Francisco in 1994, its attractive young cast featured Pedro Zamora, a 22-year-old openly gay man who seized the attention of viewers through his struggle with AIDS and sparked a national conversation about gay issues.

Jan. 7 TV premieres: ‘Killer Women’ on ABC, ‘Intelligence’ on CBS |Jan 6, 2014

Two new hours, two old problems. Here comes a pair of premieres:

Spike Jonze’ ‘Her’ a smart, observant wake-up call |Dec 23, 2013

If you’re the sort who grouses in restaurants watching a guy wedded to his iPhone rather than engaged in conversation with his date, then Spike Jonze’s “Her” is right up your anti-tech alley.

Ribbon cutting launches new Sunoco Station exhibit at Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles |Nov 7, 2013

This past Saturday, Nov. 2, the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles unveiled its newest exhibit: a Sunoco gas station. This station has been refurbished to look like it would have in 1921.

Boyertown Jaycees 61st Halloween Parade date slated; Scouts to collect pantry goods |Oct 14, 2013

It’s that time of year of again for Boyertown to get into the Halloween spirit!

Boyertown Jaycees 61st Halloween Parade date slated; Scouts to collect pantry goods |Oct 14, 2013

It’s that time of year of again for Boyertown to get into the Halloween spirit!

Studio B Fine Art Gallery ‘On the Road’ with Exhibit ‘Elements of Fraktur’ |Oct 11, 2013

Studio B Fine Art Gallery takes its artist members “On the Road” with an exhibit entitled “Elements of Fraktur,” scheduled to open on Sunday, Oct. 13, at Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center, Pennsburg, PA, at a reception from 2 p.

Steel River’s ‘Spring Awakening’ is compelling musical theater |Oct 7, 2013

Steel River Playhouse’s current production, “Spring Awakening,” may not be for everyone, but for those who like edgy, contemporary theater that addresses intense and controversial subject matter, it is just the ticket.

Douglassville native goes to the dark side in new film ‘We Are What We Are’ |Oct 6, 2013

As the director of a pair of startlingly original horror thrillers, Douglassville native Jim Mickle is the first to admit he has no appetite for remakes.

Boyertown’s State Theatre To Host Benefit Concert By Celtic Martins |Oct 4, 2013

Boyertown’s historic State Theatre will be host to a benefit concert featuring renowned musical group the Celtic Martins.

Boyertown Jaycees 61st Halloween Parade date slated; Scouts to collect pantry goods |Sep 30, 2013

It’s that time of year of again for Boyertown to get into the Halloween spirit!

Boyertown Historical Society to host Charles Adams lecture and book signing |Sep 27, 2013

Internationally renowned author, lecturer, radio and TV personality Charles J. Adams III will be signing his latest book, Haunted Boyertown, at a special appearance to benefit the Boyertown Area Historical Society.

Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles Opens New Exhibit on the Chevrolet Vega |Sep 25, 2013

The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles is thrilled to announce the opening of their newest exhibit, “Falling Star: The Chevrolet Vega.” This is a limited engagement exhibit and will only be on display through mid-October of 2013.

Stephanie Grace to kick-off United Way Of Boyertown Area |Sep 20, 2013

Local country music star, Stephanie Grace will help kick-off the 2013/2014 Campaign of the United Way of Boyertown Area at a 7 PM concert on September 27, 2013. Stephanie, currently a Junior at Boyertown Area Senior High School, is this year’s Campaign Chair for the United Way of Boyertown Area who will receive proceeds from this concert.

Story Time returns to Oley Valley Community Fair |Sep 18, 2013

Mary Lou Parry loves children. She also loves to read.

Studio B Presents Rainforest of Pennsylvania: Prints and Sculptures by Melissa Strawser |Sep 13, 2013

Printmaker and Metal Sculptor Melissa Strawser, native of Reading, PA, has studied and traveled the world in her artistic attempts to showcase the natural world, its “critters,” and its energies.

Marian Gehman and her friends to perform at Oley Fair |Sep 13, 2013

Since she was eight years old, Marian Gehman and her friends have always obeyed the rule of speaking one a time. But of course, the ventriloquist has had lots of time to perfect her manners. Gehman’s act, Marian and Friends, includes a variety of friendly characters but it’s Gehman who is the voice of them all.

Cars cruise into car show by Zion Spies Evangelical Lutheran Church |Sep 10, 2013

The weather was hot and humid for the Zion Spies ER Church’s “Cruise On In…CAR SHOW” on Saturday, Aug. 31 but the forecasted 30 percent chance of precipitation spared the event. Despite competing with the 45th Annual Duryea Day car show in nearby Boyertown the event, a first time effort for the church, attracted over fifty car, truck and motorcycle entries.

Oley prepares for 67th Annual Oley Valley Community Fair |Sep 5, 2013

The 67th annual Oley Valley Community Fair will be held at the Oley Fire Company Fairgrounds, Routes 73 and 662 in Oley, PA on September 19 through 21. Fair hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Yip and Dip Doggie Swim To Be Held at Boyertown Community Pool |Sep 3, 2013

The Third Annual Yip and Dip Doggie Swim will be held on Sunday, September 8, 1-4 pm at the Boyertown Community Pool, 417 S. Madison Street, Boyertown.

‘Breaking Bad’ recap: Is Walt ready to take care of Jesse? |Sep 3, 2013

Well, Walt certainly had his chance, didn’t he? Yes, he could have done away with Jesse during that little desert get-together in last week’s episode. Out in the middle of nowhere. ... No witnesses. ..