Douglassville residents wins national Tai Chi medals

Gold medals, silver medals, and a national championship ranking is a great way to finish out the 2009 competition season for local athletes. 

Repeating their winning ways, students from The Tai Chi Academy at Final Results Fitness returned from the final competition of the International Chinese Martial Arts Championships tournament in Washington, D.C. with medals galore.

In the first day of competition Julie Nieznay, Douglassville, took home the silver medals in Yang Style Tai Chi, Other Internal Weapons, and Other Style Tai Chi.  She also turned in a Bronze medal performance in the Ta Chi Straight Sword category. 

Her high scores in this competition combined with her wins from previous competitions, enabled her to take the Grand Championship for the tournament, giving her national champion status as in all cases she was the highest scoring US citizen in these categories (the top contestants were Chinese nationals).


Jan Gyomber of Douglassville brought home the gold medal in the men’s Yang Style Tai Chi division, coming back from an injury that took him out of competition earlier in the season. Rounding out the first day of competition, Dr. Christine “CJ” Rhoads, Douglassville, brought home bronze medals in Yang Style Tai Chi, Other Style Tai Chi, and Other Internal Weapons.   She saved some energy for the next day, however, when she once again took the gold medal in the Women’s Lightweight Push Hands division. The team was also represented by instructor Betsy Chapman, Boyertown, a judge certified for not only this circuit, but other Chinese Martial Arts competitions in North America.  According to Chapman, “The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship circuit includes competitions in the US, Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas.  We support this circuit because it offers standardized rules, certified judges and a high level of competition.” 

“Our students dominated the divisions they competed in, and stood up to tough competition.  They did a fantastic job!”