Mission of Peace: King of Ga visits Kutztown

Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell King Nii Guate Asuasa II visits Kutztown on a Mission for Peace. Left to right are Easton Mayor Sal Panto, Asuasa and Kutztown Mayor Sandy Green.

The King of Ga in Ghana petitioned Kutztown Mayor Sandy Green for her support in his Mission for Peace.

King Nii Guate Asuasa II, Supreme Commander and Field Marshal of the Ga Kingdom in the capital of Akra/Accra,met Kutztown officials at the Kutztown Tavern for lunch on Friday, July 6.

The youngest Royal Custodian of the Ga War Throne swore oath in May of 2008 to stand firm for peaceful elections in the ancient Ga capital of AKRA (Accra).

A witness of war in Ghana, Asuasa talked about the conflicts in Ghana. Things that need to change include better health care, schools and an improved economy, he said.


As a leader, he said Ghana must maintain the peace they enjoy today to guide the rest of Africa in this difficult times.

His goal for his visit to Kutztown was to continue his Mission for Peace, to petition Mayor Green to join him in calling for meaningful, peaceful elections in December for the president and vice president of Ghana.

“Any message delivered here in this small room will be conveyed to the people of Ghana,” said Asuasa, explaining that the visit will be broadcast on Ghana TV.

“Everybody will know of this moment that I’m here lobbying Mayor Green, Mayor Panto, Mayor Nutter and others to join me in calling for peaceful elections for my country,” said Asuasa, seeking support for the people of Ghana.

Easton Mayor Sal Pantoarranged the meeting with Mayor Green, as well as visits to other local dignitaries including Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

“I really wanted to show case Kutztown. I love Kutztown,” said Panto, a graduate of Kutztown University. “I think what’s going on here is phenomenal. I’m a strong supporter of the Mayor.”

But this was not Asuasa’s first visit to Kutztown. A former resident of Easton and Palmer Township, Asuasa is a 1998 graduate of Easton Area High School after which he visited friends studying at KU.

“It’s a quiet town and beautiful places, more laid back, and the university is a very good university,” said Asuasa about Kutztown.

On behalf of KU President F. Javier Cevallos, Provost Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto invited Asuasa to the university to learn more about programs of interest to Ghana and shared an interest in learning more about schools in Ghana.

Also during his visit, Asuasa and Panto stopped by at the Kutztown Folk Festival.

His two-week visit to the area is a Royal Homecoming.

Local residents, classmates and teachers remember him as John Quartey. He reconnected with friends who were unaware of his royal lineage that dates back centuries.

Asuasa always planned on returning to America to thank everyone for the way they treated him and for their advice.

“People who really made a change in my life because I came a long way in Africa as a 15 year old to America. I had to adapt,” said Asuasa, who moved in with an uncle who he had never met before.

Crowned at age 9, his grandfather wanted him to sit on the throne but advisors recommended he grow up as an average normal kid and get an education first.

Coming to Easton for his high school education helped him. He later earned a business and marketing degree at Allentown Business School (now the Lehigh Valley College).

“It gave me the people skills,” said Asuasa. “If you are a human being and you humble yourself, people will teach you things you don’t know and then you can add that to your store of knowledge that can guide you in your life down the future.”

He credits his teachers here for getting him to where he is now.

Asuasa returned to Ghana in 2004. On April 19, 2008, he was crowned as the Supreme Commander and Field Marshal of the Ga Kingdom in the ancient capital of Akra/Accra, after what Asuasa called a very close election.