Kutztown event focuses on the Pa Germans in the Civil War

Patriot archive photo by Roxanne Richardson
Patriot archive photo by Roxanne Richardson

Kutztown University and the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center (PGCHC) present “Civil War Viewpoints: PA Germans in the War,” a five-topic discussion on Civil War including the “Pennsylvania Dutch” during the war, Civil War medicine and surgery, cavalry, infantry, and the role of women during the war, on Sunday, July 29, 2-5 p.m. in the Kutztown Park band shell on Main Street in Kutztown.

Co-author of “Damn Dutch,” Dr. David Valuska, former executive director of the PGCHC, focuses on the role of the Pennsylvania Dutch during the Civil War and the effects of their contributions. Free copies of “Damn Dutch” will be available at the Kutztown Community Library beginning Monday, July 16th and will be given to the first 40 participants who want to read the book before the program.

Civil War re-enactor and historian, Colonel “Doc” Peters, presents data and information on Civil War-era medicine and surgical techniques. Peters has been involved in living history for over 40 years, and served as chief surgeon for the First Federal Division, a major part of re-enactments. He also teaches Civil War history, with an emphasis on medicine, at local schools, Civil War roundtables and historical societies.

Jim “Captain” Fox, tour director for Curriculum Travel of America and former history teacher, focuses on the Civil War cavalry. Fox has been involved in Civil War Living History for more than 12 years. Along with his horse, Rocket, he has served as chief of Mounted Escort for the First Federal Division.


Director of Education at Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation at Ridley Creek Park, Zach Langley, presents his program on the 167th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, a predominantly Pennsylvania Dutch unit from Berks County. Langley received his B.A. degree in history, with a minor in Pennsylvania German Studies, from Kutztown University. He is also currently working on his Ph.D. in Pennsylvania German Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

Andrea M. Jones, an educator and former director of Education at the Pennsylvania German Heritage Center, presents her discussion on the role of women during the war. She was introduced to Civil War studies at an early age which led to an in-depth study of women from 1861-1865.

The program is also co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) as part of the PA 150 Civil War Road Show, and also by the Kutztown Community Library.

Founded in 1973, the PHC provides a variety of humanities programs including grants for humanities projects, expert speakers, book discussions, and social media projects that help Pennsylvanians learn about the past and share their life experiences with one another.