Letter to the Editor: Saucony Creek Brewing Co. Building Permits in Kutztown

Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell Matt Lindenmuth, Kutztown, left, is opening the Saucony Creek Brewing Company in the old shoe factury in Kutztown. Right is Head Brewer Joe Percoco.

Dear Editor;

I had a chance to read the article you published in The Patriot about Saucony Creek Brewing Company. I’d like to bring truth to Dan Eslinger’s comments and make clear the poor management that is happening internally in the Borough of Kutztown.

Dan Eslinger is quoted in the article saying, “The borough would love to see a microbrewery in Kutztown but he (Matt Lindenmuth) needs to follow Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. That code requires professional plans.”

Dan Eslinger, told me during a visit to his office that because Dean Siegel and I already submitted a professionally drafted building plan, (plans that happen to have been drafted by Barry Isett & Associates), that he and the Borough of Kutztown would waive my need for professional plans and that I was allowed to submit hand-drafted plans specific to the brewery space.

Eslinger also made comments to you that were published in the article that, “As of Aug. 3, Lindenmuth had not yet submitted a revised application for construction permits...”


Eslinger and Matt Walter (Barry Isett & Assoc.) made it clear to me that I did not need to communicate or submit any further documentation to Eslinger or his office. Instead all communication would be between Saucony Creek Brewing Company and Barry Isett & Associates for permit approvals.

With that said, I approached Howard Kulp & Associates, the architects that worked with Barry Isett & Assoc., to draft the professional plans that were submitted for the brewery space. Howard Kulp has been a fantastic help and resource. The first person who has provided me with any kind of valid information and assistance. Kulp graciously helped me and redrafted plans with his professional stamp to update Matt Walter’s code requests. Kulp and Walter communicated directly. Barry Isett & Assoc. even came out to the property to conduct a new commercial structural load analysis on the brewery space. This information, included with the professional plans that Barry Isett & Assoc. had themselves drafted, fulfills all of the code requirements.

I want to know why the communication and management of a so called, “business friendly” Borough of Kutztown cannot help a new business get on their feet and get their doors open? That is business friendly. Eslinger claims in the Patriot article that, “The borough would love to see a microbrewery in Kutztown...” At this point I do not believe that comment. Eslinger wanted me to have professional plans redrafted for the brewery space that would have cost more than the brewery equipment purchased for the start-up. This is a small business operation, we don’t have the money or time to play games like this.

If the Borough of Kutztown wants Saucony Creek Brewing Company to open in Kutztown, then please help us get the doors open. If not, let us know so that we can relocate to another nearby town that is actually happy to have us open in their borough limits.

Thank you,

Matt Lindenmuth

Saucony Creek Brewing Co.