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I am, by all definitions of the word - a landlubber. Iíve spent my entire life landlocked. I am one of the grouchy few who hate the beach (itís the sand). And fresh fish scares me.

For years, I successfully avoided the fish counter at my grocery store, until my son discovered the live lobsters. Now we stop for a short hello, before ducking into the diaper isle.

Itís not the fish that scare me. We always have fish sticks in the freezer. Itís the fresh. The fresh fishiness. And the eyeballs. And the fishiness.

I assume, had I grown up along the coast, this would not be an issue. But since Iím a whopping 2 hours from the ocean, my fish phobia is excused.


Iíve surmounted this fear a handful of times in the past decade. Twice I baked tilapia fillets with peppers and onions in a lemon sauce. Betty Crocker said it was delicious. My husband said it was fishy. The cat agreed with Betty.

My husband caught several small lake fish. We made fish and chips. He cleaned, filleted, battered, and fried the fish. I made the tartar sauce.

Itís the fishiness.

But this week I had a breakthrough. A delicious one. I made a Chilean cazuela (stew) with fresh cod. It was amazing, and not at all fishy. Even my son loved it. So of course, Iím going to share it with you, in all its fresh fish deliciousness.

Chilean Fish Stew - Cazuela de Pescado

Serves: 4-5

3 Tbs olive oil

1 med onion, chopped

1 teaspoon garlic, minced

1 med tomato, chopped

Kosher salt and pepper

1 quart fish or corn stock

Approx. ĺ quart water

1/2 cup of carrots, chopped

1/2 cup celery, chopped

1/2 cup raw pumpkin, cubed

1/2 lb of potatoes, cubed

1/3 cup rice

Heaping tsp Oregano

Heaping Tb Cumin

1 cob of corn, cut in 4-5 rounds

1 cup frozen green beans

1 cup of chopped cabbage

1/2 cup frozen peas

2 lbs white fish, cut in pieces

Handful Fresh cilantro

In a large pot, sautť the onion, garlic, tomato, salt, and pepper in the oil. When the onions and garlic are starting to get soft, add the broth. You can add more or less, based on how soupy you want it to be.

When the broth starts to boil, add all the carrots, celery, pumpkin, potatoes, rice, and spices. Simmer 10-15 minutes. Add the corn and green beans. Simmer until all is soft. Add the cabbage, peas, and fish. Simmer 8 minutes until fish is done. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve.

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