Cougar Spirit set on fire in Kutztown

Patriot photo by Roxanne Richardson
Kutztown Homecoming Bonfire.
Patriot photo by Roxanne Richardson Kutztown Homecoming Bonfire.

The sky-high bonfire, started by the Kutztown Fire Company, ignited pre-game psych for the Kutztown Cougars Homecoming game against the Panthers.

“This started about two years ago. We realized that we didn’t have a bonfire for homecoming so the booster club decided to start one. It’s a way to get the community together and enjoy an evening without thinking about anything else,” said Coach Ben McKnight.

“It’s something to get everyone in the mood of Homecoming, get the spirit flowing,” said Madi VanDuren, student council member.

“Homecoming is a good time to get together and embrace our school spirit and just show everyone what being Cougars are all about. Being a Cougar means coming together with spirit and supporting one another and socializing with your friends,”VanDuren said.


She suggested more advertising and pep-rallies to get more support. If money weren’t an issue she would love to broadcast on the T.V. or even on a blimp.

“It’s telling everyone about it to come out and support and just getting a bunch of people here to cheer them on; let them know we’re here for them,”VanDuren said.

This football season, the spirit is high; Kutztown merged with Brandywine. According to McKnight, when Kutztown and Brandywine’s numbers lowered to Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association’s accepted levels to merge teams, it was time to do it.

“This year we have Brandywine students on the football team. We have two communities coming together as one team.”

“This is my third homecoming game; I was in Color Guard before,” said Anna Garcia. “It means more to me cause it’s like my senior year so this is my last homecoming game.”

“This year’s homecoming is the first time we are actually showing our field show. Our first home game, the other team forfeited,” said Alyssa Button.

The new superintendent, Kathy Metrick, was really excited to make it to the game after feeling the energy and spirit of the students during their pep-rally.

“I wanted to sense the school spirit and I went to the pep-rally this afternoon and the kids were very pumped, very excited, and all the spirit, the dressing, and the decorating so I was really excited to come and just feel the energy,” said Metrick.

Suzanne Mixa, student council advisor and math teacher, said it’s a nice addition to have the Brandywine students on the team.

“The numbers will definitely help. Our kids have had to play offense and defense because we haven’t had enough kids and then that leads to injuries because they’re tired,” said Mixa.

During half-time, the band played while each class paraded around the stadium on a float. The FFA was the first to enter the track with Kelsey Yob, sixth grade, and her pet pygmy goat, Fiona, walking in front. Fiona was a little overwhelmed by all the cheering and required Kelsey to scoop her up and carry her. Following the floats were cars carrying the HomecomingCourt.

And the highlight of Homecoming is the crowning of the King and Queen.

Leah Crow was selected as Homecoming Queen and Noel Bond was chosen to be King.

Crow is the vice president of the LEO Club, a member of student council, Tri-M, show choir, chorus, the fall musical, softball, basketball and Grace EC Youth Group. Upon graduation, Crow plans to pursue a license in cosmetology and a degree in business.

Bond is a member of band, show choir, chorus, the fall musical, book club, church youth group, Eagle Scouts Troop 104, and is the president of the Tri-M. Bond plans to pursue a degree in history.