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Municipal Report: New Morgan Borough deals with PRD plan

By Tory Lingg , For Journal Register News Service

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Morgan Borough had obtained federal and state funds that were earmarked for the widening of Route 10 said Borough Manager Carolyn Williams. The plans to widen route 10 in the area of New Morgan Borough have been shelved for the present. The funds would have covered the replacement of the Iron Bridge over the north branch of the Conestoga Creek at the lake just north of the Turnpike exit on Route 10. Since it is a state road, PennDOT will decide what to do with the funds and a schedule for fixing the bridge. Williams said the bridge is in “bad shape”.
According to a Pennsylvania State Law, every September the development schedule for Bryn Eyre residential community is to be reviewed and updated if there are any changes to be made said Williams. There are no changes in the Planned Residential Development (PDR) schedule. The PDR contains guide lines for the years development will happen and how many units will be built that year. The only active development plans at this time are those on Lot 19 along Shiloh Road. Those plans are for about 200 prefabricated homes. Williams said the issues remaining to be dealt with are water and sewer for the development.
The next meeting of New Morgan Borough Council will be on October 9.
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