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Speeding a serious issue in East Nantmeal

By Tory Lingg, For Journal Register News Service

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

“Since Spring there have been two more accidents caused by speeding,” said a resident living at the corner of Font and Fairview Roads. “They are still speeding. They don’t slow down.”
The resident said she has called the police regularly but only once has she seen a State Police car there. She said she does not know how to get PennDOT interested in putting in a four-way stop sign arrangement.
She added that there are giant trucks every day and constant noise. Several months ago the same concerns had been brought to the attention of the supervisors.
Chairman Jim Jenkins said that the township can do a road study “at our end”.
Township Attorney Tom Oeste said that if restrictions on trucks were sought, that PennDot must do study the situation and that it would have to be proven that the roads are not capable of handling the weight. Both an engineering and traffic study would be needed.
Jenkins said the township ends 400 feet down Font Road from the resident’s house.
“If we post it ‘no trucks’ the trucks have no room to turn around. The sign would have to be posted at Millford Road. We would have to get the cooperation of Upper Uwchlan Township.”
Philips Brothers are doing excavation for storm water management. Large trucks should use Route 401 and Fairview Roads.
Trailers, Fed Ex, and Old Dominion Transport trucks are directed to Philips Brothers by Global Positioning Systems, said the resident.
Jenkins said he would contact Fed Ex and Old Dominion about the route.
Oeste said PennDOT will do a study on the use of break retarders.
“We will have to get Upper Uwchlan to go along. If the truck drivers continue to use local township roads we can go back to management,” he said.
Wren asked Oeste to explore all the avenues available to bring the truck traffic and speed under control.
Wren said that he, along with Wesley Sessa (owner of 18th Century Restorations) and Christine Gordon Watson of the Historical Society spent several hours studying conditions of the walls around the old Friends Cemetery along Fairview Road near Nantmeal Village.
“Wesley is educated about how it should be done with using the appropriate mortar,” said Wren.
Sessa said “the wall is in generally sound condition for its age… ...We would work on 100 feet of wall facing Fairview Road heading west. We would clean and seal both sides.”
He added that a budget of $2500 will get 100 feet of wall repaired. Ground water has damaged the walls from the backside.
“The work cannot be done until a time when (the temperature is) 40 degrees in the afternoon. It is an early November job. We are busy now. It will take three days for two masons. We are in compliance with the Department of the Interior Preservation guidelines. It will all look uniform when it is done. The price is based on paying our men on a regular basis.”
“The road crew can help with some excavations,” said Jenkins. “We will notify Pat Kaiser who has been mowing the grass and caring for the cemetery area.”
Wren said “we will work with you… …Wesley has the knowledge to do it correctly.”
Jenkins said the property owned by Tom Drawchak is up for sheriff’s sale.
“We don’t know what is happening there. There are a lot of other liens on the place maybe amounting to eight million dollars.”
Supervisor Bill Cochrane said Drawchak originally paid three million for the property, which is located in South Coventry Township with a bit in East Nantmeal. The property was used for collateral for the Drawchak townhouse development at St. Peters in Warwick Township.
Resident Ed Bacon said the sale is planned for some time in October.
There was no return call from the State Police about a traffic fatality of a resident who lived near the intersection of Coventryville and Murray School Roads, said Jenkins.
Zoning Officer Chuck Cutlip said he issued a permit and did 32 inspections in August.
A pile of plastic containers was cleared from the orchid shop at Bulltown. Belongings and furniture stacked in front of a house up for sheriffs sale along Creamery Road Was cleaned up. After Jenkins and Wren talked to a resident living along Coventryville Road, a dumpster was obtained to clear trash.
Township Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Brumfield has gotten her Administrative Assistant degree after passing a 200 question test, said Jenkins.
On Sept. 26 the Historical Society will sponsor a play “Out of the Firey Furnace.” The play will be acted out by volunteers from Hopewell Furnace.
Jenkins said he will call PennDOT about stones falling out of the wall at the former Silknitter property along Fairview Road. The trees on the opposite of the road are spreading into the road way and causing motorists to encroach on the wall causing vibrations which dislodge the stones.
Resident Allison Malamo showed an advertisement from local farm markets in Chester County. Buying locally produced vegetables and fruits supports sustainable agriculture, she said.
The Green Valleys Association had a good turnout of118 runners in a 5K run which they sponsored, said Bacon.
PECO has inspected many miles of electric lines to guarantee good service said Jenkins.
In August there were 6 calls to the Ludwigs Corner Fire Company for service. The Uwchlan Ambulance had 3 calls in August, and 19 so far this year said Jenkins.
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