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In the Moment: Grandparents Day –Where has my princess gone?

By Carol Quaintance,, For Journal Register News Service

Friday, September 28, 2012

My granddaughter Julia, or ‘Jules’ as I sometimes call her, is growing up and her styles are changing. As I enter her classroom on Grandparents Day, there she sits with her classmates. She is dressed very mod with a denim skirt, tights, and feathers… oh yes feathers. A feather necklace and a feather in her long dark!
“Well today,” her teacher Miss Crass says, “we are going to write a funny story about your grandparents coming to third grade.”
Julia hugs me and leads me to my seat.
I remember the days that I would talk to Julia and her brother, Landon, on the phone about the adventures of Giggles (a little white puppy) and Goldie (a precocious little girl with long gold ringlets). Together the three of us had invented them, and we even used toys to take pictures of them doing all sorts of things.
It was our own private creation and it was not long before my little writers would say, “Now it’s my turn!” and Giggles and Goldie would be off on a new adventure, like going to the dentist or their first day of school. Their innocence shined through as they experienced life through the eyes of those beloved characters. I wondered what Jules would write?
Not long ago Julia had been a fanatic about dressing up as a princess. It was her obsession, and my daughter Lori had to hide her princess outfits in the washing machine. At Jules’ fifth birthday party I even made an appearance as the Fairy Godmother, wings and all! Those were fun times.
Now she has evolved into a dancer and singer, and has changed her look to the new ‘rocker’ style. She adds wigs and guitars and make-up and wild clothes when she does her performances.
Back in the classroom I asked her, “Julia what will you write that is funny?”
She was thinking very hard. Sweet little girl, I pondered, what is in her mind? What could be funny about me and her daddy’s Mother coming with her into the third grade classroom?
Then it came tumbling out.
“One day my grandparents (Mom Mom and Nana) got in a cab thinking they were going to work, but the cab driver brought them to school to my third grade class. Soon they were getting bored. They started to RAP and said, Come on Julia, join in. I joined in. It was so silly RAPPING with my Nana and Mom Mom in school. All of a sudden poof! Their clothes turned into rocker clothes. They really liked that. Then it was time to go …the cab came back to take them to work. The cab driver was so surprised, he said, “What are you doing in rocker clothes?”
Imagination is wonderful in children. I couldn’t help but go to that place in her imagination, what would it be like to rap and dress up in rocker clothes?
After Grandparents Day was over, my daughter and I went to lunch at The Peanut Bar, crunching the shells as we walked, and we laughed and laughed about Julia, rapping, rockers, and befuddled taxi drivers.
It seems like it was just yesterday that Lori was the one dancing and twirling like Jules, little girl style.
Grandparents Day is wonderful!
Carol Quaintance is a Reading-based freelance writer and multi-media journalist whose work is frequently featured in the Tri County Record. She is a mother, grandmother, outgoing raconteur, and lover of arts and culture. Carol can be reached by email at