UPDATE: Boyertown Superintendent Dr. Dion Betts announces resignation

Boyertown Superintendent Dion Betts.
Boyertown Superintendent Dion Betts.

Superintendent Dr. Dion Betts has announced his resignation in an e-mail to administrators on Friday, Oct. 5. This decision will take effect January 4, 2013.

“I would like to move forward, and feel it is time to move forward, with my career. This experience has opened up a world of opportunities,” said Betts on Friday afternoon.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had. I have been blessed to have to opportunity. It has been a very stimulating place to work.”

According to Betts, he would like to get back into teaching and plans to pursue a career in adjunct professorship or a position related to educational consulting.


The board plans to discuss Bett’s replacement at the School Board of Directors meeting on Oct. 9, according to Board President Gwen W. Semmens.

“I respect Dr. Betts’ decision, and I wish him success in future endeavors,” said Semmens.

The board has been supportive with his goals, according to Betts.

“I think that this is a good opportunity for the board to design leadership structure, there is now more than one administrative position vacant,” said Betts.

In early September, Dr. Karen Beerer announced her decision to resign as assistant superintendent, which took effect this first week of October.

Regarding what he will miss most about Boyertown, Betts stated: “The people—the hardworking people—and the students.”

In the e-mail announcing his decision to resign, Betts stated the following:

“I am tendering my resignation to pursue other opportunities in education management, consulting, and adjunct professorships. The Board of Directors and I are very proud of the staff, students, and community of Boyertown for their hard work, dedication, and support of our schools. The culture of collaboration and focus on student learning will certainly continue!”

Betts also stated he will provide transitional support until the resignation takes effect in January.