Mother of disabled child in need of house ramp

Photo Supplied
Linda and Brandon Warbingon in a medical care facility after the accident.
Photo Supplied Linda and Brandon Warbingon in a medical care facility after the accident.

There are times when each of us needs a helping hand or two in life.

In order to bring her disabled son home from a care facility in Allentown, Bethel resident Linda Warbington is in need of help with the installation of a ramp outside of her home.

On Sept. 1, 2011, Linda, son Brandon, daughter Ashley, and her aunt were involved in a car accident linked to a domestic violence case while in New Jersey. The driver of the vehicle containing Linda, Brandon, and her aunt ran head-on into an F-150 Ford truck. Following the beatings and the accident, her son was diagnosed with a severed spinal cord, a hematoma on the brain stem, and front lobe damage.

Doctors informed Linda that her son’s future was very bleak, stating that his head was one entity and his body was another and that the two didn’t communicate anymore. But Brandon, who was 4 years old at the time of the incident, has proved the doctors wrong.


“We were told Brandon would be brain dead and a vegetable,” said Linda. “He would never move anything from his lips down. He has moved all his extremities.”

Recently, Brandon has been coloring with his teacher at the facility.

“What they do is the teacher will put Brandon’s hand on top of hers and he’ll wiggle it side to side and she’ll color for him,” said Linda.

And Brandon has likewise proved the doctors wrong in regards to his brain function. Linda said he uses his eyes to communicate while playing games and likewise uses eye motions to tell his teachers which games he would like to play and the color of crayon he would like to use when coloring.

With her son having surpassed doctors’ expectations, Linda wants to return Brandon to his home in Bethel. But her house needs modifications before she can bring him home.

“They need to do modifications to the house for him to come home,” said Pottstown resident Jim Folk, who is a longtime friend of Linda and a co-founder of Brandon’s Angels, a Facebook page devoted to the boy. “He needs a generator in case the power goes out because he’s on a ventilator. They need to build a ramp for the house so we can get the wheelchair in.”

According to Linda, the ramp is the one thing holding her back from bringing home her son, who is on a ventilator, and has a tracheal tube and a feeding tube in his stomach.

“I can make accommodations for anything else, but the big thing that’s hindering us is the ramp,” said Linda. “The little things on the inside, like for him to shower, that’s all stuff that can be done.”

Folk said that Linda could also use VISA gift cards as she spends a lot of money on gas driving to and from the facility where Brandon is staying, which is an hour away from her home. Also, she is currently unemployed due to spending most of her time with her son, along with time spent in counseling for domestic violence and for post-traumatic stress disorder due to the accident.

Folk also said Brandon is in need of clothing such as boys short pants pajamas, shirts, and long socks so he can wear his leg braces.

“Every month we’re constantly having to get clothes,” said Linda. “He doesn’t even get to wear it out. So what we do is we donate what he grows out of back into the facility. Whatever we can’t use we make sure it gets used somewhere.”

But, regardless of how someone may help the family, Linda said even small tokens of kindness mean a lot. The first thing Brandon received after he was in the hospital was a stuffed animal monkey and the toy has been by his side since he received it from a friend of the family.

“Sometimes just that little stuffed animal, or that card, or a picture makes a difference,” she said.

To help in regards to the ramp for Linda’s home or in any other way, visit the Facebook page at There is also a setup in the Wells Fargo in Pottsville for Brandon’s Angels where donations can be dropped off.