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A Halloween tradition in Topton, parade of costumed ghouls and spooks

By Roxanne Richardson, For Journal Register News Service

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The tradition of Halloween grew out of the rituals of Celts celebrating a new year and out of medieval prayer rituals of Europeans, according to’s Holiday World.
The tradition of celebrating Halloween in Topton evolved into an evening of neighboring communities coming together and parading through the streets tossing treats to kids chanting, “Candy, candy, candy,” along the curb.
While some vendors with light ups in various forms provided eye-candy attractions, others tantalized taste buds with another of Berks traditions—funnel cakes. Just ask anyone who staked out a claim along the street in anticipation of the parade, “What makes this parade special?” and you’ll get this:
“I think it’s because it’s a long parade with variety and a lot of fire trucks,” said Amy Shafer, Pennsburg.
Shafer’s five-year old daughter, Ashlee said she likes lots of costumes and lots of candy.
Three skeletons with light-up finger tips sat on the curb waiting for the parade to begin. One of the skeletons, Renee Kline, Fleetwood, said she would love to see something like the hearse that blew fire from another parade she had been to.
Jeanie and David Kauffman, Mohrsville, said they come for the fun time with friends and because the kids love it. Their friend, Amber Bungo, Kutztown, said the Topton parade was perfect.
Denise and Larry Reinert sat a little further back by an old church letting the kids have front row to retrieve any candy tossed along the curb. The Reinerts came to watch their grandkids, Aubrey, 7, and Dillon, 8, march with their teams from Brandywine. A cool fall night and participation are what makes a parade special to the Reinerts.
“I love Brandywine’s band and there is more participation for being a small town,” said Denise.
“It’s one of the better parades,” said her husband, Larry.
The huge crowd of first timers and veterans was proof of what everyone said made Topton’s Halloween celebration a great one.