MASSAKOR: Roller derby saved her soul

You wouldn’t find the average person adding sweat, tears, aggression, and adrenaline to their daily routine—but the Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars are not your average women.

Those are just a few of the characteristics that encompass at two least nights a week for derby players, if not more.

For Kori Campion Wunder, aka Massakor, this routine became a part of her life two years ago in January.

While athletics have been a consistent part of her life, prior to derby it had been years since she rolled around on eight wheels.


Reluctant at first, a close friend and dedicated derby player convinced Wunder to check out the Rockstar’s exhibition bout, in that moment—Wunder knew she had to play, even if it meant missing Grey’s Anatomy Thursday nights.

It’s no secret that derby can become consuming, and often to topic of many conversations, according to Wunder. “They call the husbands ‘derby widows’ because it really does occupy your time.”

When it comes to finding the balancing family life with derby life, she is still working out the kinks. “It’s tough sometimes because the derby community is so welcoming and the circles are so big; it’s a balancing act— you need both to survive and thrive!”

Wunder credits her daily planner for making the balance possible. “I try to involve my husband as much as I can and I make as much time for friends and family outside of the derby community as I can,” said Wunder.

When it comes to her derby name, Wunder says a few names were thrown around in the beginning; “The play on words can be fun and daunting when picking your derby persona.”

‘Massakor’ was thought of while a teammate was sitting in traffic and referred to it as a massacre. Wunder immediately took a liking to the association, pulling ‘Kor’ from her first name to create Massakor.

“Derby has really been a life saver for me. It’s no secret to those who know me that I suffer from bad anxiety. Before derby, exercise was a self-medication.” Wunder continued to state that exercise has always done the trick, but derby introduced an entirely new facet of exercise. “I not only get some serious stress relief from the exercise and aggressiveness of the sport, but I gained a whole bunch of sisters who love me no matter what. It’s been nothing short of a miracle that derby found its way into my heart when it did.”

Though she has sustained a few injuries on the track, she knows that they’re a part of the sport. She also knows that it’s important to let them heal.

“It can be hard to come back without a little fear, but I think that fear makes you a safer skater, and a better one too! I fight like hell to stay on my feet.”

As an Aries, Wunder says derby has been, and will continue to be, the fuel to keep her fire burning strong—as long as her body allows it anyway.

She anticipates a break from derby at some point for kids, but suspects she’ll keep up with it through motherhood.