Paranormal activity suspected in Boyertown

An orb caught on thermal imaging in the basement of Durango’s.
PHOTO COURTESY OF SCOTT WILEY An orb caught on thermal imaging in the basement of Durango’s.

There seems to be more lurking in Boyertown than what is living at the surface—but there is nothing to fear, according Scott Wiley, Founder of Northampton County Paranormal.

Wiley has recently moved to the area from Bath, and has set his focus on paranormal activity in Boyertown.

So far, Wiley has conducted three individual investigations at Durango’s Saloon to determine whether there are guests that are unaccounted for.

On Oct. 7, a presentation was held at Durango’s Saloon to share Wiley’s findings with the community.


“I think Boyertown has activity; its nothing scary. Everything I show you won’t hurt you. It’s already been here,” said Wiley, as his presentation began, immediately sparking intrigue among attendees.

Through use of a thermal imaging camera and a EVP recorder, Wiley captured several images of orbs and recorded sound clips during his investigation at the saloon—particularly in the basement.

One voice was interpreted as “die.”

After the 1908 Rhoads Opera House fire, rescue crews reportedly piled the bodies in the basement of Durango’s, formally the Mansion House Hotel.

Wiley stated there is also other history to the building, such as suicides and death from natural causes.

After sharing the thermal images and sounds, Wiley turned to audience and asked, “So who thinks this place is haunted?”

No one in the room argued against the findings.

According to Pete Haberle, owner of Durango’s Saloon, there has been speculation for years from community members. Smoke-like images had been caught on camera from customers—particularly during karaoke night.

“I don’t profess to know what this is, but I am 99 percent positive it is not smoke,” said Haberle. “One of the things that intrigued me about Scott is that is not about the spookiness of it for him, It’s about the history, the family members—if they’re here, we’d like to know. And we’d like to know why.”

Haberle stated that nothing bad has ever happened at Durango’s, but there have been numerous experiences.

“You don’t think Boyertown is haunted? I beg to differ, but it’s nothing bad,” said Wiley.

Wiley moved to Boyertown a year ago and has investigated several buildings in the area including the Hodge Podge and The Kitchen Door. He has had several requests to investigate other buildings.

Wiley claims he is one of the biggest skeptics out there; it is lack of explanation for his findings that maintains his intrigue.

“There is a unique history here giving it a sense of place. I’ve heard so many fascinating stories from residents just in the last two years that need to be told. We are lucky that there are still many old relics located in the buildings in town, reminding us of our past,” said Main Street Adrianne Blank.

“It’s all theory. Nobody knows,” says Wiley. “We can put a man on the moon but we can’t prove paranormal. The best proof is personal experience.”

Wiley has been ghost hunting since the age of 16.