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On The Street - Voters motivation

By Justin Finneran,, Journal Register News Service

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We visited the polls today in Morgantown and Honey Brook to see what issues voters were the motivating force behind who they were voting for.
“For me healthcare is a big issue. Being able to go to a healthcare provider (of your choice) is important. Also, I am not happy with the idea of having my yearly mammogram taken away. My (second amendment) rights also mean a lot to me as well.”
Cindy Miller, Morgantown
“We need to have someone who honors the Constitution and our heritage.”
Donald Edwards, Morgantown
“I was disappointed that (Obama and Romney) did not discuss environmental issues, which I care about a lot. Also, I feel that Romney does not understand women’s issues. Instead of voting for (Obama or Romney) I voted for Gary Johnson.”
Laura Eadline, Morgantown
“We are just here to do our civic duty.”
Two anonymous senior citizen voters, Morgantown
“Women’s rights are the main issue I am concerned about. I do not like Mitt Romney saying that women do not have the right to have an abortion. I also do not agree with his stance on gay marriage.”
Jamie Carroll, Honey Brook
“We have always voted. For us it is important to just come out and vote.”
Harry and Barbara Mullen, Honey Brook
“For me the main problem is the economy. I want to see people working again.”
Sue Liskey, Honey Brook
“We need a change. We need a lot of help with just about everything.”
Dawn Cahill, Honey Brook