Eight people predicting a Romney win on Election Day

The voting predictions of Dick Morris.
The voting predictions of Dick Morris.

Although many professional prognosticators see President Obama as the favorite tomorrow, some notable conservatives are dissenting. Their maps show everything from a slim win by Mitt Romney with 275 Electoral College votes to a 325-vote landslide, with some maps putting Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and even Michigan in play.

One thing six of their seven maps agree on, however, is a Romney win in Ohio.

In an appearance on Fox News, conservative commentator Dick Morris predicted a massive Romney win with 325 Electoral College votes. To get there, Romney would have to win all of the swing states but Nevada and turn Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania red.

Swing states for Romney: Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida


Swing states for Obama: Nevada

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