Renovated El-Mor Chevrolet offers customers a better overall experience

The new exterior look of Morgantown's El-Mor Chevrolet. Photo by Justin Finneran/Tri County Record
The new exterior look of Morgantown's El-Mor Chevrolet. Photo by Justin Finneran/Tri County Record

MORGANTOWN, PA - Passersby have likely noticed the new look of the façade of El-Mor Chevrolet, yet it is the changes to the interior of the dealership which make the biggest difference.

The freshly renovated building features new amenities such as a redesigned showroom, a larger and more comfortable customer lounge – offering seating for ten (including seats just for kids), free Wi-Fi, and a large flat-screen TV – and an adjoining area with self-serve coffee machines and cold beverage and snack vending machines, and handicapped accessible bathrooms.

The redesign came from the corporate offices of Chevrolet, and each component of the dealership has seen improvements not only aesthetically, but in functionality as well.

“I think the new showroom is more attractive and customer friendly,” said General Sales Manager Ed Skiles, “We also have the new customer lounge, a new parts room with a customer exclusive entrance, the ability to service medium-duty trucks, and more. Our customers’ first reaction when they come in is ‘Wow!’, and our employees definitely feel more of a sense of pride in our dealership.”


The new showroom is where the desks of sales team members such as Joe Strohl and Jerry Flood can be found.

“Everything is much nicer in our new facility,” said Strohl, who has been with El-Mor for a decade. “The new design lets a lot more light into the showroom. Overall the (remodeling) allows us to show off the inventory more. We also have new desks, new computers… …pretty much everything is new and that gives us a sense of pride for sure.”

“The brightness of the showroom is great,” added Flood, who has been a member of the El-Mor team for eight years, “it is a very modern look compared to where we were before. Customers really love the new size of the waiting area. The old one was not nearly as large and guests have told me that the new lounge makes them feel much more comfortable.”

Service Advisor Scotty Richards, who has 25 years of experience in the industry, said that customers to his department are feeling more at ease thanks to the drive through service area that allows for them to avoid the outdoor elements when bringing a vehicle to El-Mor.

“The drive through area is a big plus for us and our customers. Everyone appreciates being able to get in and out of the vehicles without worrying about the weather. Customers love the new look, it is much more wide open and professional,” stated Richards.

He added that the renovations included the addition of a vehicle bay that now permits El-Mor’s team to work on one-ton vehicles such as duallies.

Greg Jonczak, the parts manager at El-Mor, said that his department is now cleaner, quieter, and more efficiently organized than before.

“We have between 3,500 and 4,000 parts in our inventory (and) we are really befitting from having a more centralized inventory,” he said, “Organization is very important for a parts department because working with the GM parts system is a very detail oriented job. Plus we are more insulated from noise. Since we do a lot of our work over the phone this makes a huge difference.”

He added that the parts department is roomier, with more floor space and higher ceilings, and that the spaciousness benefits both employees and customers who maneuver through the area.

In honor of its renovations El-Mor Chevrolet is having a special Grand Re-Opening event which will run until the end of 2012, where customers get 10 percent off the cost of parts and services. Skiles and his team warmly welcome the public to stop by to experience the new and improved dealership.

El-Mor Chevrolet Inc. is located at 3820 East Main Street in Morgantown. Contact them by phone at (866) 253-1608. To visit El-Mor Chevrolet online go to where you can make an appointment and get other useful information.

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